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October 19, 2018: Living the Dream

I’ve begun typinging up my trip dispatches. I wrote them by hand, in my journal, while on my trip because I didn’t take my computer. I made it a point this time to travel light. I took my larger backpack and a canvas bag, which on the outgoing trip contained food and on the return trip contained books. This worked well except for the fact that I now have to do a task that I could easily have done while on the road.

I had a really good time in New York City with Eleanor although travelling with Judy, her life-long friend, was at times a bit of a challenge because she had health issues. El had originally planned on doing this trip with Judy and her sister Rachel, but I signed on when Rachel bowed out. So, trip-wise, I was the odd one out. No matter.

I most enjoyed spending time in Harlem and want go back. Where we stayed had a very neighborhood-like feel to it, and did not (like lower Manhattan) seem all that crowded. And I so enjoyed checking out at the Cathedral of St. John of the Divine. Our being there for the blessing of the animals was just fortuitous.

I’d like to sometime meet Philippe Petit, who walked across the nave on a tightrope and later became the Cathedral’s artist in residence. And I’d like to actually participate in the blessing, by wearing a white robe and

New York street scene

leading an animal to the altar and back. I’d even carry a container of Madagascar cockroaches. Cockroaches, they have a job to do, and do it well. I am not sure I’d want to carry a snake, but would give it a go if asked.

I can’t believe my luck. I now have a bona-fide, and compatible travel partner. My sister Eleanor and I do well together. We enjoy being in one another’s company and like checking out similar things. We’re both physically fit and have a lot of stamina. Our trip to San Francisco was just a trial run. This was the real deal. It was more strenuous and more of a challenge logistically; however, we did just fine. We are still on speaking terms.

El spent a LOT of time beforehand, planning this trip, for this I am grateful. Perhaps in the future I can do a better job pulling my weight.

El said to me that she’d like to go to Scotland, to which I agreed wholeheartedly. However, I think that this might be a more spendy adventure for us. We’ll see.

I’d also like to spend more time at Karol and Sally’s farm in Schenectady, NY because yesterday and today I saw a definite improvement in my riding. Most definitely, the ponies were more forward. This could also have been because it was windy and because they hadn’t been out in a while. But this time I encouraged them to move out in a more consistent fashion.

I’m looking forward to all of the above and also to getting Tyra’s new saddle. Indeed, I am living the dream.

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