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January 29, 2018: The horse Life: Toolie Bashing Tyra

Extremely windy here up at the cabin. It sounds like a dull roar. The trees were partially bent over. I worked on Fork in the morning, then went with Pete outside to give Tinni his Adequan. When I was out there, I got to thinking, this is not all that bad. So I first took Tinni for a walk around the loop, and then I took Tyra out on the trails. I let Tyra run loose. We had the following bits and pieces of conversation.

Alys: Tyra, it’s pretty windy out here.
Tyra: Yes, look there are a lot of branches here on the trail.
A: And the trail is blown in.
T: And the sun is shining and it’s not too cold.
A: Good observations.
T: I’m going to run around a bit.
A: I’m going to watch you.

Tyra the Toolie Basher

Tyra runs around, kicking up snow, bucking and snorting. She finally settles and walks next to me for a bit.

A: So what are you thinking these days?
T: I decided that I want to learn more about the Norse Gods.
A: Do you want me to read you the Icelandic sagas?
T: Yes, yes though you might want to hold off until the weather is better.
A: Okay. Do you think the others would be interested?
T: Tinni would be. He’s from Iceland you know.
A: And horses that come from Iceland can’t return home.
T: He badly wants to go back.
A: I know, he stands by the gate, looking in that direction.
T: Well, this weather, for good or bad, reminds him of Iceland.
A: Tyra, I have been talking with a friend who renamed her horse because he wasn’t happy with his identity.
T: Yes, I know. Mickey – Mickey Mouse – he was one confused horse.
A: So she renamed him Danny.
T: That’s a good name. I hope he likes it.
A: Do you like your name?
T: Which one?
A: Tyra.
T: It’s a very good name, most fitting. My dam was named Tinni, which means coal. And my sire was named Tindur, which means kindling. My name, Tyra, means spark or glimmer.
A: It is absolutely perfect.
T: Yes, absolutely perfect.
A: You have several nicknames, your first was Peanut.
T: I like that name because it was my name when I lived in Washington. It doesn’t fit me now.
A: What fits?
T: Sparky fits on some days. Glimmer, not so much so.
A: Wing Ding, how about that one?
T: I like it, but I’m getting less wingy and less dingy as I get older.
A: Do you have ideas for names you yourself like?
T: Yes.
A: What, for example.
T: I want to be called Tyra the Toolie Basher.

With that, Tyra stuck her chest out, threw up her head, and ran off trail, leaving a spray of snow behind her. I spoke with her when finally, we met up on the upper trail.

A: Toolie Basher?
T: Yes, I am Toolie Basher the Magnificent. I go places where no other red ponies go, and fearlessly. Deep snow, doesn’t bother me. Ice, doesn’t bother me. I was destined to forge new trails in adverse conditions.
A: Oh. Where did you come up with this name?
T: Your friend Ruth, I heard her use it.
A: Yes, Ruth and her crew do a LOT of toolie bashing.
T: Well this is my new full name.
A: So, Toolie Bashing Tyra it is.
T: Or, Tyra the Toolie Basher.
A: Got it.

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