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October 8, 2018: Escape from New York

There was a movie with this title –Kurt Russell played the central character who was named S.D. Bob "Snake" Plissken. This 1981 movie played upon the fears of those who live in the city and foresee not being able to get out. I felt this way yesterday afternoon, as El, Judy, and I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. We thought it would be a leisurely jaunt and we’d be accompanied by just a handful of people. It was anything but. It was a very crowded walk and this is an understatement. Many many people were going both ways and spilling into the bicycle lane. The bicyclists were not happy about this. For me, this was a low point in the trip.

This morning, we arrived early at Penn Station. Judy waited in the station while El

View from the train

and I went to get bagels. We found what we were looking for on 38th street. El bought a bagel sandwich for Judy but forgot it and went back to get it. I did not know for sure if Judy was appreciative, but then she had no idea how far away the deli was.
The waiting area seating was illogical. There were groupings of chairs here and there. I even got lost once, attempting to find my seat after going for a walk. As I sat there, I wondered what it would be like if all the sudden there was an announcement in which we were told that there would be no more outgoing trains. I think that if I heard this, I might have run outside and began walking the tracks. It would be quicker than getting a cab to the airport.
We did get on the train. We had just minutes to spare. It left really quickly. El had reserved seats in the business section. This was fortuitous because we were both near the dining car and had plenty of leg room. We went and sat in the dining car and talked for a bit with the fellow who runs the beverage stand. He didn’t laugh at Els’ jokes, so either he was tired of his job or gay – I could not figure out which. He later refused to fill my water bottle, said that he could only give me a plastic cup. What gives, I wondered?
The sky was overcast and it was misty out, which softened the edges of the Hudson River landscape. The fall foliage was also just beginning to turn. We passed a bridge that had no middle section – the one next to it was nearly complete. And we passed West Point, which had far more buildings than I thought. It’s a large campus.

Saying goodbye to El was, as it always is, difficult. I have the best sister in the whole world and I always find it hard to part company with her. However, we did agree that we both want to visit New York again, soon.
Karol McCarty and Sally Bauder met me in Schenectady. I’d inadvertently said that I’d meet them at the bus station, so they went there first. Oh oh. They were amazingly gracious about my blunder.
I’m glad to be here. It does not seem like it has been a year and a half since my last visit. There have been many changes, but Karol and Sally are as I remember them, that is two very kind and loving individuals.

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