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October 2, 2018: Safe and Sound

It always amazes me how we human can begin a day in one part of the world and end it in another. This is because we have figured out how to travel by air. And it would not surprise me if someday, we figure out the logistics of time travel.

During most of September, Pete and I woke up to incredible sunrises, the sky shades of pink, blue, and yellow. This morning the sky was these colors and splotchy, like a painter had taken a thick brush and made big dabs on the canvas. My thinking was that if a painter actually did this, that their work would be thought to be unrealistic.

This morning, both Pete and I were busy, me nervously preparing for my upcoming adventure. I finished packing and getting food together. And I talked with CJ who with her husband Dave owns Synergist Saddles. She first told me that Tyra’s new saddle would be shipped out in December, but later told Pete that they might finish it and get it in the mail sooner.

On the way to the airport, Pete and I came up with a game – it involved guessing the age, gender, and occupation of those driving other vehicles. This was a lot of fun because most of the time we were off the mark.

My view from the plane
My view from the plane

Airport travel – it was uneventful. I was pre-checked for the TSA, and so I didn’t have to wait. Why they don’t require those pre-checking to remove their shoes is a mystery to me. But, I got lucky, so I will leave it at that. I guess I did not have cooties, either.

It was an instance of hurry up and wait. I read the latest issue of the New Yorker in the waiting area and on the plane.

I prefer the window seat because looking out at the horizon makes me feel less claustrophobic and less nervous. I also enjoy taking in the view. I mean, why fly if you can’t see what’s out there? The young woman sitting next to me first watched a movie and then fell asleep with her head on the tray table. It surprised me that on this, the most beautiful of days, she had no interest in the view outside the window. Our skimming over the clouds made me think that, indeed, this is what heaven looks like.

El met me in the terminal. I had inadvertently told her that I was bringing my old saddle and would mail it in Portland, in order to save on shipping. But Pete and I decided it would be less of a hassle to send it from home.

We had lentil stew and a really nice salad for dinner. And her cat, Gray Baby, is no longer in attack mode. So we spent the evening talking about our upcoming trip, our main concerns centering on trip logistics. We are both aware that New York City is a big place with a lot to do.

I am going to sleep well, for after a day’s travel, I am safe and sound.

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