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September 30, 2018: The Writing Life: Procrastination

All writers, including me, procrastinate. Always, there is something else that all of the sudden seems to be more important than working on the task at hand. Writing this dispatch is actually a form of procrastination. I’ve been writing them at night, at the day’s end because this really, is the only available time. Otherwise, writing them cuts into my other writing-related work.

But today, I am writing my dispatch early. This is because I want to see if staying off the computer at night reduces my insomnia. I have pretty much determined that this problem is not entirely related to diet. I have been eating better, less sugar, though we continue to eat late.

Our Produce
Our Produce

This most likely will change when I get back from my east coast trip because then it will be dark way early and we won’t be outside as late. What’s a person to do when they are sitting in the dark? Eat. That’s the answer.

I’m also writing this early because I need to have some unfocused time in which to get ready for my trip. I have set aside this evening to do this. So, maybe (ahh haa) this isn’t as much procrastination as it is prioritizing. Yes, this is putting a more positive spin on things.

And yet, in writing this dispatch I’m avoiding having to think about all that also needs to be done around the place before I go. I have a short list, so I won’t forget things like move the out-of-state goat hay down the lower shed and the new, in-state hay up to the goat shed. The goats don’t like the out of state hay. The horses are fine with it. Pete, in my absence most likely would just give them out of state hay. Their manger will appear full but only because they are not eating what they’re being given.

I am also going to have make a list of who gets what supplements for when I am away. I used to set aside bags with the correct amounts of everything, but it is going to be far easer for me to just leave Pete the required information.

And I need to determine the specifics for Tyra’s new saddle because tomorrow I’ll be talking with CJ who is the order person at Synergist Saddles.

Ahh, and yes, I need to work some on Forks. Today is going to be the last day before my trip. I’m going to be too busy tomorrow. I might take a portion of the book with me, say, the introduction, and work on it. The introduction is going to be key in terms of my making this of interest to a larger audience. I need to provide background information on Palmer, the Alaska State Fair, and also the local recycling efforts. I will use this introduction as a template for when I write up my proposal.

And somehow, I’d like to get a ride in on this, the most beautiful of days.

It is going to be difficult, extricating myself from this place. Always is. Always will be.

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