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January 27, 2018: Packing a lot into a Day

This morning Pete said he was talking with his students about time and asked if anyone else noted that time goes by quickly in the mornings. The youngsters looked mystified and the oldsters nodded in agreement. This made me realize that yes, as one gets older, time goes by faster. It may go by faster, but one gets the same amount of things done. This is why the prospect of time speeding up does not bother me.

This morning, I worked for an hour on Forks. I am now working on Part II, the first dispatch. It went really well – I got about three evening work hours into one morning work hour. Sometime has gone by since I worked at the Fair and wrote the

original dispatches – this is a good thing because it’s now easier for me to elaborate on details such as, what does one were to sort recyclables?

I next did an hour of body awareness. Felt really good after. Then after a quick lunch, I did agility with Hrimmi and Raudi. Pete filmed us. The horses did so-so in part because they and I have to trudge through thick snow. We got videos – I have my fingers crossed that we will be able to do one more session. This will be on Monday or not at all.

Pete and I then went for a ride – he rode Hrimmi and I rode Tyra. Tyra was a bit unfocused, once she ran off trail with me. I was using the treeless saddle without stirrups – it was slippery. I almost came off. Had enough strength in my core to keep going.

After, we deliberated for a bit then decided to go for a bicycle ride hosted by the Mat-Su Valley Bikers and Hikers. We went to the local bicycle store and rented a bicycle for Pete. Then we went to the meeting place, Wendt Road. The start time was 7:00 p.m. It was dark out. It was supposed to be a moonlight ride, but the moon did not appear until the near conclusion of the ride. The trail wasn’t groomed (aww) and there were places in which there was soft snow on top of the hard pack. I had a hard time getting going because at first it was hilly and soft. I fell down several times.

I figured out a few things on this ride, one of which is that, when riding in the dark, that it’s a good idea to stay directly behind Pete. This way I can get a better sense of where his treads are, and ride in them. This worked really well. I also learned when going downhill to refrain from putting on the brakes, and if I think that I’m going over, to just put a foot out.

I am really enjoying fat tire(d) bicycling and want to keep doing it. If the only time available to do this is after dark, well then, this is when I will ride. I was having Walter Mitty-like thoughts as I rode – yes, I would like to do a winter endurance ride, maybe next year, maybe the Susitna 50 or 100. And I will get the AARP to sponsor me.

I have my fingers crossed that in the next few days that Pete will purchase a fat tire(d) bicycle. He did seem to like the rental bicycle he was riding. Then maybe too he will want to do an endurance ride. Yeah, let’s see if we can pack doing bicycle endurance riding into our days Sleep? What’s that?

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