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September 27, 2018: Change is Good, Change is Great. . .

. . . Thank you dog for putting it on my plate. I say this in jest because, lately, I have surprisingly found myself adverse to change. I am now a creature of routine. Examples abound.

For instance, Forks. I got to a chapter that I wrote about one of the volunteers. It was in my estimation lackluster. I wanted to leave it as it was; my rationalization was that it was pretty far along in the book, so by this time readers would either have committed to reading it or not. I finally decided (after considerable hand wringing) to revise it. I worked on it this morning. When done, probably in the next day or so, it will be a story about what it was like to work with three older volunteers. This will

Alys tieing up the curtin
Alys tieing up the curtin

complement another story, in which I write about what it was like to work with three younger volunteers. Change, in this instance, was for the best, but I sure was resistant to my own idea.

For instance, future fitness center plans. It’s been going well, working with Ben, my fitness trainer. He at times does get bored watching me work out, and I do feel bad about this, but this is just the way it is. Well, I was going to bow out of training altogether because I was adverse to what’s next – group classes. This was of course because I was resistant to change. But after talking with Ben, I decided to embrace it. Starting Monday, I will be in a class with one other person, a woman named Bonnie who I think is about my age but appears to be in better shape. This might be fun. And it will cost us 1/3 the price. Once again, I was resistant to my own idea.

For instance, car troubles. Battery died in the Kolostomy Building parking lot. Called Pete to come and give me a jump start, knowing that he was in class and that I’d have to wait two hours for him to appear. I went and got my new glasses and went over to the thrift store and picked up a few books. Then I went back to the car, so as to wait for Pete. I finally had this great idea, which was to put the jumper cables on the hood of the car and pop open the hood. Bingo, a nice guy asked if I needed help, and less than five minutes later I was out of there. Once again, I was resistant to my own idea, which was to wait for Pete.

For instance, upcoming trip to New York City and points beyond. I have not been looking forward to leaving here because I really like my current routine and want to continue it. I write in the mornings and ride horses in the afternoons. But I am now repeatedly giving myself pep talks about this, and telling myself that I am going to have a great time. Once again, I am being resistant to my own idea, which was to accompany my sister and her friend Judy on this trip.

Change is good, change is great. . . .

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