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September 22, 2018: Eating Well is the Best Revenge

This is a caption found underneath a cartoon by Lynda Berry, who for many years penned Ernie Pook’s comics. The illustration features a slightly deranged woman eating a can of cling peaches over the kitchen sink. No, I don’t fully see how the caption and illustration mesh – but I’ve kept it in mind in considering my previously bad eating habits. If Pete wasn’t here I’d have a peanut butter sandwich or two for lunch, chocolate later in the day, and if it was around popcorn.

I have always had a healthy distain for those who talk at length about their supposedly good eating habits. This is why I, who have recently made some radical changes in my diet, am going to remain

mum about the topic. One’s diet is like their dental history – it’s only of interest to oneself.

However (ahem); I am not talking at anyone in writing this dispatch. No one is being forced to listen/read on. So I am free to speak about these changes. I am not on a diet. I’m simply eating in a more mindful fashion. Sugar, except honey in biscuits, muffins, and scones, is out. I also cut way down on my bread consumption. And I’ve upped the amount of fruits and vegetables that I’m now eating. This is easy right now because we are feasting on the bounty of an amazing harvest. It will be harder once the larder is empty. And I am harboring no illusions about my eating habits when I travel—it just will be near impossible to eat on the road the way I’m eating in the home. Plus, I don’t want to draw attention upon myself by being overly picky.

Today was yet another remarkable day, eating-wise. We had yogurt and our own raspberries and strawberries for breakfast. I added raw sunflower seeds. Both Pete and I washed down our respective meals with decaffeinated black tea.

I had a smoothie for lunch that contained cranberry juice, beet greens, carrots, and home grown tomatoes. And I made us lentil soup for dinner. It contained our cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, basil, beets, peas, cabbage, zucchini, and beet greens. I threw in a potato I picked up at the Alaska State Fair for good measure and added a store bought onion and garlic.

Pete made muffins with currants from our garden and added the last of the goat milk yogurt we got for my tending to goats at the Fair. He also included our honey in his recipe.

We won’t be able to eat this way, mostly local, for very long because we weren’t able to grow a year’s worth of produce. However, we are enjoying the plentitude for as long as it lasts, which could be into 2019. And I hope to continue to eat mindfully for the duration.

Pete spent the afternoon canning the first batch of home grown tomatoes. There they sit, on the counter, in clear glass jars. And more tomatoes are on the way. Fingers crossed for continued good weather because this will increase the likelihood of more ripening.

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