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September 16, 2018: The Off the Grid Chronicles: Doing it All

I often forget that others do not live the way we do. And still, it seems to me that there is not much difference between their lifestyles and ours. But I get to thinking there is when I talk to people and they talk about spending time on Facebook and the like. I check my email twice a day and that’s it. I do not carry the cellphone around with me and in fact would really like to chuck it in Moose Creek.

I also hear others say that they spend their evenings relaxing and kicking back and watching Netfix. Our video watching season begins in November and ends in March, if even that.

Today’s a good example of other differences. There we were at breakfast, talking about the day’s plans. We had a long list, which included taking the railroad ties that our friend Gregory gave us, and putting them in the hayshed. The plan was to put plywood over them, so that the bottom layers of hay stay dry.

We also talked about putting the square water container to the left of the pen on top of a crib of ties, this way there would be more clearance between the ground and the faucet. There was also something else we were going to do with the ties but I forget what. Our desires ended up exceeding our ambitions. We just never got that far. The prospect of rain did have a decided effect on our priorities.

Pete decided to go and get firewood, which involves cutting down trees. I worked for an hour on the Forks book and then went outside and began working in the woodshed. I first tossed the wood into the shed, then stacked it inside. I then went and cleaned the horse pen. Pete returned and during lunch we decided that after, I’d split and he’d stack the new stuff.

We worked very fast, and were done in no time. Actually, we had enough time left in which to get a few horsey things done. He put up a new top rail in the horse pen – the old one had broken. And together, we talked about moving rocks to the base of the fence – we’ll do this (we decided) after we get hay. Right now the flatbed trailer is in the way of the far side of the fence. Pete then trimmed Raudi and Hrimmi’s hooves. Yesterday he did Tyra. Tomorrow he’ll do Tinni. I know a woman who has twenty-two horses. That’s 88 hooves to trim every six weeks. That’s insane.

Of course, we had to get a ride in. We took Raudi and Hrimmi out. This took a while because Hrimmi kept stopping. I finally got on her and got her to move. As I told Pete, we have to work at disengaging her hindquarters, which at best is a body awareness related maneuver on the part of the rider. And of course, I had to do some agility with the mares.

You’d think the day would be over. No, it was not. I made pesto after dinner – a process that involves picking basil leaves and mixing them with other things, in the blender.

Tomorrow now looms ahead. That which did not get done today will get done tomorrow. Fortunately, there is always tomorrow.

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