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September 11, 2018: Self-Administrativa

Defined, tending to all those seemingly mundane little things so one can remain in good health. This is a shortcoming of mine; I just tend to blast through the day and focus on externals. By the day’s end, I’m just exhausted.

I realized a few days ago that I need to take care of me. I caught a cold, I think doing the recycling work. I also ate poorly while working at the fair. I felt crappy and was snotty and downright abusive to Pete, something I now really regret. Pummeling the one you are joined at the hip with just brings you both down. And once down, it is hard to get up. Boxers come to mind. I imagine that once down, it takes considerable energy to get back up again.

Alys and her mat

What follows is more information than you might want. I am not going to push you to make changes because this is up to you. But my efforts might get you to thinking about what you also need to do.

It all begins with breakfast. We’ve been eating fruit and yogurt for our morning meal – to this I am now adding crushed almonds – a protein boost. And I’m taking multi-vitamins, D, and a liver support supplement that contains milk thistle. And overall, I am reducing sugar and carbs and increasing my protein uptake. This is a Herculean effort because I tend to eat what’s before me. The one thing in my favor is that I do not drink sodas. I didn’t consume any when I was working at the Fair.

So, I am now lining up my ducks, all of whom thus far are being very cooperative. The fact that the weather is still holding helps. First of all, Pete and I are heading into town where I will first select new eyewear. Then I am going to get my hairs cut, something that really needs doing. My front bangs (if you want to call them that) are now hair prongs that are falling into my face. I have two options, one being to let them grow out and the second being to get them cut. I’m going with option number two.

Next, I have my regularly scheduled dentist appointment tomorrow. I called to confirm because I wasn’t sure of the time. New dental aligners going in. I have not been keeping my teeth as clean as I should during the fair, but I have resumed my old habits, brushing, flossing, and Sonic Care cleaning.

And the most exciting thing of all – the day after tomorrow I am beginning Functional Movement Training. I am going to work with Ben who is going to be my personal trainer. I’ll of course continue my body awareness work because one complements the other. This is also going to enable me to continue to make the horse/human body awareness connection.

The trick is going to be to not let things slide, particularly when the weather again turns bad, as it inevitably will.

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