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September 8, 2018: Disconnect

Today was revelatory. We set out mid-morning for Cath Halley’s place in order to make the impression pad molds for Tyra and Raudi. These molds will enable Dave of Synergist saddles to make the proper size tree for Tyra and reshape one of our older saddles for Raudi.

It was a wonderful ride there. I worked with Tyra on walking straight, and when she felt like it, encouraged her to trot. Pete, on Raudi, kept pace. It was an enjoyable three mile trek. The horses really seemed to enjoy themselves.

On the way there we met up with Cath and two of her riding buddies. They were headed in the direction of our trails.

Tyra with her Equimeasure Pad

Once at Cath’s, we tied the horses to a trailer and enlisted the assistance of Ray, Cath’s husband. He is a very kind, sweet, gentle soul – it is obvious that he loves all the animals they have on the place, especially the horses.

The horses stood quietly as we put the heated flat molds on each of their backs and shaped them to fit. Tyra’s came out perfectly – Raudi’s isn’t yet quite right. We’ll talk with Dave about this tomorrow.

As we were finishing up, the three riders returned. Our horses were interested in the other horses but did not get excited by their presence. Two of the other three horses were fine, but one, coming up the driveway, and seeing two pigs, spooked and nearly tossed his rider. From that moment on, it was total disconnect. Quite clearly, the rider had no idea how to interact with the horse. She jerked him around some, and yanked on his reins. All the while her jaw was set and her entire body was tense.

I went over and asked her if she’d had the horse long. She said eight years, and added that it was her husband’s horse. I then returned to the trailer, and we prepared to leave, moving to the side so the woman and her horse could pass, which they did. It remained fractious. All the while, our horses acted as if nothing was amiss.

I was so proud of both Raudi and Tyra. I recalled that in the past, Raudi and I had some moments of disconnect, which of course were of my doing. This has not happened in well over a year. I think the last time was at the 2017 Centered Riding Clinic. I do know that with Raudi that in differing places that she does suffer from separation anxiety, so I make sure to have a buddy for her on hand.

Tyra was no problem at all, and in fact has never been a problem. She takes things in stride and does not get rattled. Hrimmi and Tinni are the same way.

The reason for this is because we spend so much time with them all. They go out often, and there are a lot of interactive activities.

Cath did mention that while on the ride they all went to the Tin Can Trail and the tin can was down. I asked if they put it back on the branch and she said no. This is because they all ride big horses, which are hard to get on and off of. We ride little horses and getting on and off is easy.

We had a lovely ride home, and once home took Tinni and Hrimmi out. Yes, we went to the Tin Can Trail and Pete put the tin can back on the up ended limb. This is an easy thing to do when you are riding a small horse, and your horse readily stands still for you. Indeed, it’s all about connection.

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