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September 6, 2018: Forgiveness?

Note the question mark at the end of the world forgiveness. This is because I am wondering in this particular instance if forgiveness is possible. Jesus Christ said love your enemies. This is a tall order – even those who espouse his teachings don’t seem to be able to do this.

And so, I was riding Raudi and ponying Tinni early this evening. I was heading in the direction of Tin Can trail when I noticed that there were an awful lot of four wheeler tracks in the general area where we ride. I refused to let this bother me and continued on my way. And then, at the intersection of Tin Can and Peaches’ Loop, we came upon it. Actually, the horses alerted to it and then I saw it.

What they call a side-by-side, a two seater ATV was wedged between two trees, at the exact place where we usually either turn onto Tin Can or onto Peaches’ Loop. It blocked my access – there was no way I could access Tin Can except by bushwacking through the brush around it. I got off Raudi, and walked both her and Tinni past it.

I did not see any signs of life. I did not expect to see intelligent life, for no one stupid enough to drive their vehicle to this particular place and lodge it between two trees would have any intelligence. Their IQ was probably in the negative numbers. It’s croutons like these who give Neanderthals a bad name.

I continued on, and enjoyed the light cast by the low lying sun. Every so often I’d drop Tinni’s lead line and Raudi would stop, back, and wait for me to retrieve it. Later, as we approached Suicide Hill, I inadvertently dropped his line again and he trotted home, ahead of Raudi and me, the line just out of reach.

I did not give much thought to the stuck side-by-side until I got home. Tomorrow I will go and see if it is there. Most likely, it will be gone. Someone will use another vehicle, the same size or larger, to pull it out. Pete surmised that they will cut down trees. Undoubtedly, they will make a mess.

I can’t believe that such individuals are serious hunters. They are just yahoos out with guns, riding their machines. The fact they are hunting gives them a supposed purpose. If by chance they come across moosey moosey, well, that’s an added plus to the day. Most definitely, there is no appreciation for nature. It’s just a fun filled outing. And to hell with the rest of us, who do appreciate nature and all it has to offer.

I am not mad. I just feel helpless, like there is nothing I can do about what clearly is one of life’s greatest unfairnesses. I keep hoping that the pendulum will go back to the right and these assholes will go with it. At least the moose do stand a chance in such instances – they know what these vehicles sound like and are quick to leave the area. I will be glad when hunting season is over and these idiots resume their other past-time, sitting on their fat asses and watching TV.

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