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September 5, 2018: The Three Mares and one Gelding have a Conversation

I caught the beginnings of the following conversation between Raudi, Hrimmi, Tinni, and Tyra, and then joined in. This took place as they were eating their mid-day hay ration.

Hrimmi: . . . And the horse’s name is Luna. Luna, as in lunatic.
Raudi: Sounds like the horse was named just right.
Tinni: Yes, I mean, she bolted and went into a bog. How stupid is that?
R: Pretty stupid. If you are going to bolt, do it in an area where the ground is solid.
Tinni: Luna is a quarter horse. That explains it.

R: Arabs, Quarter horses, they aren’t very bright.
Tyra: A bolt is a roll of cloth.
H: Huh?
TR: I said that a bolt is a roll of cloth.
T: How do you know this?
TR: I am taking correspondence classes.
R: You mean going to school?
TR: Sort of. The ravens are my teachers.
H: Yeah, and dog is my co-pilot.
T: So this is why you are spending so much time down by the lower fence.
TR: Yes. I am getting educated.
R: And a bunch of dumb birds are your teachers?
TR: They told you all about the horse, Luna, who over in Chugiak went into a swamp and had to be excavated.
H: These are different birds. These ravens bring us messages from other horses. The other horses heard about what happened from Luna, the one who went down into the swamp.
T: You can’t believe everything you hear
R: You can’t believe anything you hear.
TR: But a bolt is a roll of cloth, right?
H: I have no idea.
R: To bolt means to take off at a gallop without your owner’s permission.
H: I would never do that.
TR: That’s why your nick-name is Moo Moo.
T: Be nice to one another.
TR: Alys came up with the name Moo Moo.
H: That was when I was slow and not very balanced. Now I am strong and powerful and move like the wind.
R: In your dreams.
H: Yes, in my dreams and in my waking hours.
A: May I make a comment?
T: Go ahead.
A: What you all are saying about Luna is true.
R: Where did you hear about this?
A: I read an article that was on-line, in the Alaska Daily News.
T: On-line?
H: Huh?
R: What do you mean?
TR: I don’t get it.
A: We humans transmit information differently than you animals do.
T: You know, you should pay more close attention to the ravens. They are a very accurate source of information.
TR: And they run a correspondence school.
H: I have no interest in going to school.
TR: That’s okay. I do. I’m going to be the first mare ever admitted to law school.
R: I’ll believe it when I see it.
T: I’ll see it when I believe it.
A: How are you going to pay for this?
TR: With money I earn from giving lessons.
A: Am I to share this money with you?
TR: Set it aside sister.
A: Time will tell, but for now she’s not talking.

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