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September 1, 2018 Worker Bees

It’s close to midnight. Pete’s changing the sheets. Been a while since we’ve changed them. We both have been that busy. For near two weeks we have both been working and had a double income. My job at the Alaska State Fair is temporary, but this is providing us with a glimpse of what it would be like if we both had full time jobs.

For sure, less would get done here. As it is, I am getting two horses out a day, alternating all four. The dishes and inside chores have piled up. My writing life has ground to a standstill.

The up side to this is that I am going to be able to afford a saddle for Tyra – I’ll have it by Thanksgiving. I would not be able to get this if I wasn’t working. And, as importantly, my job is really a community service. I am assisting in keeping recyclables out of our local landfill.

Someone said today that I said that my heart wasn’t in this. I don’t doubt that I said this; it sure sounds like something I’d say. I think my heart being or not being in this job is a moot point. I am doing

an exemplary job and drawing upon interpersonal genetics that I never before knew that I had. I’m also drawing upon organizational genetics that I also never before knew that I had. My word, who would have thunk it, that a person schlepping garbage around would experience self-growth?

I am working with volunteers and treating them like royalty. I’m making sure that they know what their jobs are and what their jobs entail. I tell them to take breaks, I’m commending them for a job well done. I am either overlooking or ignoring it when they don’t do the job well. The truth be known, I have adopted the persona of Super Woman. Prior to work, I’m Alys, the woman leading the semi-monastic lifestyle, a meek introverted soul who at home only interacts with the man in her life. But during work, I’m Super Woman; I am an extroverted, chipper, gregarious, and utterly charming individual who all others look up to. It is quite the contrast.

This afternoon, I worked with a wonderful crew of very hard working volunteers. And I got this feel that I sometimes get, which is that for a short while we were all a community – one that will never come together after this day.

I’ve also become adept at flinging flattened cardboard into dumpsters. This seems trifling but it is significant. I no longer have a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder. Will wonders ever cease.

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