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August 23, 2018: What it is and What it isn’t

Woke up this morning to overcast skies, rolled over, rolled over again, got up, dressed, went outside, tended to all creatures sodden and forlorn, and then assisted the head gardener in picking raspberries. We got a good crop this year, in spite of the unrelenting rain. The brief bouts of sunshine have been soaked up by all the garden plants; no sunbeam left behind.

Went to town after breakfast and had my session at the local fitness center. I had previously bid on the assessment session at a Big Cabbage Radio silent auction and won. It took me almost a year before I got around to arranging for a consultation.

I met with Ben – I was prepared to learn what I could during this session and then make a quick exit. However, as we talked, I came to realize that what he and this particular fitness center are offering is exactly what I’m now looking for. He then did a series of physical tests, and after he provided me with what I felt was an accurate assessment of my current physical condition. Essentially I’m in okay physical shape, but I could be in better condition. I do think that all the body awareness work I’ve been doing has helped me be more agile, balanced, and flexible. However, I still have a ways to go, and obviously, at this point in time could use an assist.

Most interesting to me was my ability to do squats. I can not do them with both feet firmly on the ground. But I can do them with my ankles elevated. This is leading me to believe that my hamstrings and calves are tight – but there is probably more to this than I am currently aware of.

I am going to broach the subject of my taking a twice a week group class with Pete. Maybe Pete will sign on too. I’m interested in doing this because the functional movement training is what the Intrinzen people have been advocating.

After this, onwards, to the Alaska State Fairgrounds. It was no big deal – Pam readily agreed to pay me the same wage as my male co-worker. It’s a pittance, but that’s not the point. The point is, equal wages for equal pay. Pam also had my ID waiting for me – so cool that I did not have to stand in the long line yesterday.

I stopped in and met with Chelsea the Milking Goat Demonstration Maven after meeting with Pam. My post fair job is simple – I am after my late night fair shift is over to feed, water, and clean up after the two demo goats.

And onward again, to the recycling center area. It had started to rain right after the gates opened, and it continued to rain all afternoon and evening. Yes, attendance did seem to be down. And the indoor areas were crowded. A slow day on the recycling front because there was not a whole lot to collect. I didn’t do much, just hobnobbed with workers and volunteers. Pete’s “manning” the bee booth tonight.

Tomorrow will be an easy day because I don’t have to be at work until 3 p.m. I would have a hard time working full time.

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