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August 14, 2018: Glamping

That’s the term for glamorous camping, upscale camping. I’ve heard our place described as such. Jacki and Eva were camped on our living room floor – Jacki is still there, but Eva has moved up to the upper cabin where there is a bed but no woodstove.

I have been joking that perhaps there will be a tsunami and they won’t then be able to leave. I might have to settle for a typhoon. We had the tail end of one typhoon the other day, we were in town; it was warm and windy. We were in Vagabond Blues – I sat and watched the hanging baskets sway in the wind and the street signs shudder.

Soggy Garden

A second typhoon, hmm. Typhoon is one of those words that in thinking about it makes me laugh. Tsunami, it is a challenge to say it, so there is not much laughter involved. Also, if we had a tsunami, the consequences would be more long term. There would be huge waves and houses and boats would be swept out to sea. Uh uh not a good thing.

Another typhoon, a few more days here, this would be just fine in part because Pete will be here to weather the tide. Ridiculously difficult, having visitors and keeping everything going. Truth is, I did what I could and not much else.

Today I took Ryder to the equivalent of Human Urgent Care. I called the veterinarian this morning and got a 1:30 p.m. appointment. Jacki and I first dropped Eva off at Sun Circle Farm, and Anne Corinne gave the three of us a very incredible tour of her place. She really rose to the occasion. This was in the post typhoon rain.

It’s been a rainy summer, and so the crops have not done as well as they would have had the sun been shining. Eva rose to the occasion and in the rain, weeded. We caught up with her late afternoon – she was quite happy. I really don’t understand how anyone could enjoy weeding – add to that doing this in the pouring rain – but I suppose if you got the gene this puts a positive spin on your perspective.

The dog – after checking out the Monday Farmer’s market (lackluster) and the local bookstore (many stories) Jacki and I took Ryder to North Star Veterinary clinic. We had a long wait – Ryder hung out like the good dog she is until, finally, we were escorted into the waiting area.

Dr. Henry determined that her abscess was draining and this was a good thing. She was able to examine the inside of the abscess via the hole and was unable to find any foreign matter. We are to clean it out with Betadine and to continue to give her antibiotics. We are also to put warm compresses on it.

I could not find the Betadine. I forgot to give Ryder the antibiotics with her dinner.

None of the animals are enjoying the post typhoon rains. So much for glamping.

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