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August 11, 2018: A Conversation with Tinni

The following conversation took place with Tinni on our way up and down the bench. My friend Jacki and her daughter Eva came with us. Tinni and I talked as we made our way up and down the hill.

Alys: Tinni: Are you having a good day?
Tinni: Fine, just fine. I’m glad to have gotten out of the pen for a bit.
A: Yeah, figured that you could use a break from the mares.
T: Actually, I’d like it if they were here.
A: Even Tyra?
T: Well, you could leave her at home.
A: What’s the problem?
T: She hasn’t been getting out enough lately.
A: This is going to change.
T: When?
A: After our visitors go home.
T: When will that be?
A: Next Friday.
T: You should encourage them to stick around. They are very nice people.
A: Yes, I have known Jacki now for close to 50 years.
T: Fifty years!
A: Yes, fifty years.

Pete and Alys with Sean on Tinni
Pete and Alys with Sean on Tinni

T: I really like the older woman’s younger daughter. She’s always smiling and happy.
A: That’s Eva. She does seem to be like a ray of sunshine, doesn’t she?
T: That’s a good way to describe her – like a ray of sunshine.
A: She’s considering being our house sitter next spring and summer.
T: You don’t say!
A: I do say!”
T: I like the idea. She would treat me well.
A: Yes she would.
T: Uhh, why are you going to need a house sitter?
A: Because we might be going on a long trek.
T: Where to?
A: Someplace down in America.
T: How long will you be gone?
A: A few months.
T: And who will you take with you?
A: Raudi, Hrimmi, and Tyra.
T: And what about me?
A: You would most likely stay at home.
T: By myself?
A: Eva would watch over you and in fact do a job as good as anyone else.
T: I don’t feel like being separated from my mares.
A: Well, we could find a companion animal.
T: I don’t want to have to deal with a new companion.
A: Okay, how about going over and staying at Terri Mielke’s place?
T: That would be just fine.
A: I will abide by your decision.
T: Why aren’t you taking me?
A: Because the trip might be too tiring for you.
T: You think so?
A: I do.
T: You are greatly underestimating my abilities.
A: Well, we shall see how you do this upcoming year.
T: Look at how well I am doing going up this hill.
A: Yes, you are doing quite well.
T: I’m not even out of breath.
A: No, you are not.
T: Your friend there, she’s out of breath. Are you going to put her out to pasture?
A: Humans are not put out to pasture.
T: What do you do with them?
A: The same thing we do with those like you?
T: What’s that?
A: Just humor you all along.

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