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August 9, 2018: The Winds of Change the Change of Winds

Right now, at this very minute, Pete is on an airplane, headed for Portland, Oregon. He is going to stay at my sister Eleanor’s house. His niece is getting married. His entire family will be there for this, with the exception of his mother who is an assisted living facility in Ojai, CA.

I didn’t go because I am not a big one for going to weddings where I don’t know those who are getting married. Also, it is now very hot in Portland, temperatures in the 90s. And finding a house sitter here is extremely difficult. So I sent Pete on his way. He’ll be back home on Monday.

And I have company here. My friend Jacki and her daughter Eva are here. And on Sunday Sean, Eva’s partner, will arrive. Pete will come home the next day. The crew will leave next Friday.

Gene and one of his compost stations

Had a great day today – it started out with Pete and me giving them the compost, property, and garden tour. We did not spend too much time with the horses. I intend to work with them tomorrow.

The weather was better, mostly sunny with a few rain spurts.

We went to our friend Gene’s place of work. Gene runs a concrete business – he makes precast vaults for utilities. He gave Eva his garden tour while his co-worker (a woman) gave Jacki and me the concrete tour. I was rather awed by this fast talking cigarette smoking woman. She is extremely capable and hands-on – it sounds to me that she is really Gene’s right hand woman – she too does the concrete work.

I wanted Eva to see Gene’s compost facility and he did not disappoint. He has insulated his pallet set up. And he breaks up his manure by putting it in a concrete mixer with rocks. And he turns over his compost with pipe with some holes in it connected to his air compressor. Then after it becomes compost he uses it in his garden.

After, we stopped by our friends Dick and Mariann Stoffel’s place. Right now, in addition to their four horses, they have two mules on the premises. Mariann does not know where they came from, just that they are feeding them for free. Mariann and Dick currently have a caretaker, so the animals are being fed.

We headed home and then picked cabbages and made sauerkraut. It is the best cabbage year that we’ve ever had – the dozen or so cabbages are huge and we are giving some away. The peas and beans are also plentiful this year.

As I have said repeatedly, I have a lot to be thankful for. I do lead a charmed life. I live in this nice place and fortunately it is not too hot. I have these wonderful animals, great friends and a partner who loves to garden.

I am right now a bit anxious though because I am wondering how I am going to keep my friends entertained for the next few days. We’ll see. The winds of change don’t blow so strange.

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