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August 7, 2018: A Conversation with Ryder

Ryder: What’s going on here?
Alys: What do you mean?
R: Who are these people?
A: The people in the living room?
R: Yes, the two women who are now sleeping and taking up space in the living room.
A: Jacki and Eva. Jacki is my best friend from high school and Eva is her daughter.
R: I take it that Eva is the one that is now sleeping.
A: Yes.
R: She’s sleeping very deeply.
A: Yes. This is because she’s been ill. She got off the plane last night and was nauseous.
R: And she was sick this morning?
A: Yes. We took her to town, to see the doctor.

R: I know all about that. I was just at the dog doctor.
A: Yes. You had an abscess under your chin.
R: It’s shrinking. Does Eva have an abscess under her chin?
A: No she does not.
R: If she had an abscess, would you take her to my doctor?
A: No. This is because there are people doctors and there are dog doctors.
R: How come people and dogs go to different doctors?
A: Because people and dogs have differing things wrong with them.
R: But people get abscesses, right?
A: Yes they do.
R: Why different doctors?
A: You know, I don’t really have a good answer to your question.
R: Well, if you determine why this is, please let me know.
A: Will do.
R: How long are Eva and Jacki going to be here?
A: Until they go home.
R: When will that be?
A: Nine days.
R: Are they going to stay in the living room?
A: I don’t know. If Eva gets better, and the weather improves, they will most likely relocate to the upper cabin.
R: That will be good. I miss playing tug with Pete.
A: Now Pete is leaving in a few days on a trip.
R: No.
A: Yes.
R: Who will I play tug with?
A: Me.
R: And who will feed me?
A: Me.
R: And who will take me for walks in the woods?
A: Me.
R: I don’t believe it.
A: Why not?
R: Because you will be spending what little time you have left with your friends.
A: Not so. You, me, them, we’ll be doing things together.
R: Such as?
A: Going for hikes.
R: That’s if.
A: Yes, the weather gets better.
R: I have never seen it rain so hard here.
A: Neither have I. It’s been coming down really heavy.
R: How long is this going on for?
A: Until it stops.
R: When will that be?
A: I don’t know.
R: You really don’t have answers today, do you?
A: Nope.
R: Well, your friends seem really nice. They like animals.
A: Yes, Jacki has a greyhound and Eva has a cat named Charcoal.
R: Why didn’t they bring them with them?
A: Because they live a long ways from here. A trip in the airplane cargo hold would be hard on them.
R: Well it’s time for me to go upstairs, to bed.
A: Sleep well.
R: I will, as always.

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