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August 4, 2018: One of a Million

Today I ventured over to Arctic Arrow Icelandic Horse Farm for the first of a three day clinic, to be followed by a private lesson day. I audited, meaning I did not have a horse there, just watched. Of course, I wished that I did have a horse there but it was not to be. The clinic was costly and Pete has a lot going on around here right now.

I was around people who I have not been around in the past. I was positive, upbeat, and downright cordial. And I got along with and had good conversations with most everyone. In the past I had sort of boxed myself into a corner with my negative attitude – and I knew this. Fortunately, I managed to box myself out of the corner.


The clinic was for mounted riders – Steinar was the clinician. Six groups of two had 45 minute lessons each. It seemed like it was a long day for him – he seemed to be tired, was drinking a lot of coffee, and lacked his usual pep. Plus, as is usually the case with such things, he had to be on.

I had, by mid-morning, a growing list of questions I wanted to ask him but was not able to do this. So I made a list and I hope to get these questions answered in the next few days.

I asked and was told that the lessons were not Intrinzen – that is related to making the horse/human body awareness connection. But they were indirectly related. Steinar repeatedly focused on having riders think about what they were doing in the saddle as being part of a “feedback loop” one in which you note when both you and the horse relax. For example, in doing a circle you work in an interconnected fashion, squeezing one rein and the other, and turning to look at your left hip if turning right. This then better enables the horse to regain its balance, which can only happen if tension is being released, and vice-versa.

I can’t even fully explain this yet. I am just going to have to get on one of my horses and think in terms of feedback.

Feedback. This, for me, might be yet another research related investigation. As if I needed any more.

Okay. So I am home. Outside the sky is very dark – it appears as though it is going to rain and rain hard. And I suspect that if it does that it will rain all day tomorrow because this is just the way things work around here. I am feeling anxious because I do not know if I am going to Day # 2 or not. It is hard to sit there and focus and learn and I do not know if I am up for another day of this. I won’t be if it’s raining.

And there is the matter of my own horses. I don’t ever feel good about leaving them behind, even if it is because I am going someplace to learn to be a better horseperson.

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