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August 3, 2018: And Yet another Conversation with Tyra fra Tuskast

The following conversation took place with Tyra while on a solo neighborhood trail ride.
Alys: Tyra, well here we are, you are now again in the riding lineup.

Tyra: It’s about time.
A: I apologize for the long wait. I had to get Raudi ready for the Competitive Trail Ride.
T: Last winter you were getting me ready. What happened?
A: I decided that Raudi was the more experienced riding horse.
T: Yes, I understand that. But I would have done very well in the novice division.
A: I couldn’t ride two horses at once.
T: But you told me I was it.
A: I did not.

Tyra comes alive again

T: Did so.
A: Did not.
T: Did so.
A: Didn’t.
T: Did
A: Didn’t.
T: Did.
A: Well all I can say now is that your future is looking really bright.
T: I don’t know if I can believe you.
A: Plans sometimes go awry but I think not this time.
T: What have you got planned?
A: Well, first of all, Pete and I are planning on heading down to America and doing another long ride.
T: And who are you going to take with you?
A: You and Hrimmi and Raudi.
T: What about Tinni?
A: I’m hoping that Terri Mielke will take him for the summer.
T: She’s a very nice lady. She’ll take good care of him.
A: Yes.
T: Where are we all going?
A: I’m not sure yet.
T: I heard all about your last trip from Raudi.
A: Does she want to do another?
T: Yes. She most enjoys getting her morning oatmeal on a spoon.
A: And what about Hrimmi?
T: Hrimmi went on the last trip – she was in Signy’s belly.
A: That’s right. Does she want to go on the next trip?
T: Yes.
A: Now here’s the exciting part.
T: Yes?
A: At the summer’s end you and I will become semi nomadic. We’ll stay at different people’s places and do the Competitive Trail Ride Circuit.
T: No.
A: Yes.
T: No.
A: Yes. This will be so good for you. You’ll get a lot of riding experience.
T: Well, you know, I’d rather go and spend time at the Pagan Institute.
A: Where’s that?
T: Someplace in Colorado.
A: You know they call Colorado the “Hate State.”
T: Then it’s fitting that they have a Pagan Institute there. It sounds like the place needs all the Gods it can get.
A: I forgot to mention, we’ll also be bringing Ryder on the Long Trip.
T: Excellent. She’s a good trail dog. She lets us know when things we should be concerned about are out there.
A: Any other questions?
T: Yes. How will we get home?
A: We’ll find a horse transporter. I’ll travel with you.
T: And will we stop in Washington? I’d like to see all my old friends at Silver Creek Ranch.
A: Yes we will.
T: I wonder if they’ll remember me.
A: Tyra, of course they’ll remember you. You were amazing then and you are amazing now.
T: And now I am first string.
A: Yes, you are first string.

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