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July 31, 2018: Further Educational Opportunities

Ahh, I suppose that if I had children that they would have received a good education at the best schools in the world. Learning is something I enjoy and I would have raised them to think similarly. I am of the same mind about my horses. I did not find any teachers who I agreed with philosophically and thus would not entrust my charges to them. So I have taken their education into my own hands.

This education is ongoing. Raudi is my first pupil, Tinni my second, Hrimmi my third, and Tyra my fourth. Of course, they have also taken it upon themselves to educate me.

Today, I did not have a lot of time. But I worked with Raudi and Hrimmi in the yard having them both follow targets and then work on carrot stretches on the mat. They of course both did very well. Hrimmi’s ankles are still swollen – Dr. Kay Gunckel, who was the veterinary judge, was here this afternoon – I had her take a look at Hrimmi and she agreed with me that Hrimmi’s rear leg conformation is the reason for the swelling. So we will continue to keep her fit but not work her hard.

The future in terms of the horses’ education is looking very good. First of all, Pete and I are planning to go down to America next spring and do another long trip. We do not know where we will go because we have yet to figure this out. But we’ll head out if gas prices are not too high, first doing a trip in a more southerly clime then doing one in a more northerly clime.

I will remain in Colorado for an additional two months, which is August and September. Pete will head home in late July. I’ll then do some Competitive Trail Rides, staying at various riders’ places. Right now I am thinking I’ll take Tyra with me because she’s easier to work with than Raudi is. I also think that this opportunity will enable me to further her ongoing education.

A very exciting prospect for us all. In the meantime, I need to work with her on becoming a reliable trail horse, one that is like her stablemates. I took her to Saddle Up yesterday – and tomorrow I’ll take her on a short trail ride.

She is going to remain barefoot. We are ordering her boots. We are getting a discount from Riding Warehouse, one of the Competitive Trail Ride sponsors.

I will need to start riding her with other horses and in other places. As with the others, I’ll first ride her on our trails. In this respect, familiarity is a good thing.

On Friday, yikes, the day after tomorrow, I am going to audit the upcoming Steiner clinic. I would ride Tyra or do a private lesson but I think it best that I just go and be very watchful and learn as much as I can.

Very exciting, having all this go on. It’s late. We took Kay to the airport tonight and so now it is time to cut some more zzs.

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