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July 30, 2018: Conversation with Tyra

The following conversation took place with Tyra fra Tuskast, over at the Saddle Up Arena. Pete and I went over there to do cleanup; I’d decided to take Tyra with me. Raudi and Hrimmi are getting some much-deserved time off, so it’s now Tyra front and center.

Alys: Tyra, how are you today?
Tyra: I am doing well thank you.
A: Would you like to go for a walk?
T: Yes, yes, let’s go for a walk.
A: Very well, let’s stroll around the grounds. Over here, this is where Raudi and Hrimmi spent their weekend.
T: Yes, they told me all about it. They were together, in a panel pen that was attached to the trailer.

 Isme watches as Frank and Claudia ride up to lunch
Isme watches as Frank and Claudia ride up to lunch

A: Yes.
T: And you rode Raudi and Sarah rode Hrimmi.
A: Yes.
T: And both days you rode with Isme, the mule.
A: And what did the horses think of this?
T: They both met Isme when she came to the house. Raudi said to me that she’s very young and inexperienced on the trail. But she enjoys being ridden.
A: And Hrimmi?
T: Ohh, Hrimmi – well Raudi met up with other mules on the two long trips so Isme’s long ears and loud bray were not a surprise to her. But Hrimmi, she had never seen such an animal before she came to our place. She is wondering if Isme is from Outer Space. I told her no, that Isme is from Idaho. I gathered that on the ride itself that Hrimmi just kept her distance from what she considers to be a very strange creature.
A: Hey Tyra, let’s check this out. It’s called a Port-a-Potty.
T: My goodness. It smells really bad. Please shut the door and let’s continue with our walk.
A: Okay. How about we go into the indoor arena?
T: It’s really dark in there. It’s a giant box that smells like horses.
A: You spent time in one of these when you lived in Washington.
T: Yes. And I was often tied to the wall. You aren’t going to tie me to the wall are you?
A: No. Let’s walk through – see there is a large opening on the other side.
T: Why don’t we go around it?
A: This is a short cut.
T: I don’t mind walking.
A: Look, on the far side is some grass.
T: Let’s go.
A: Are you okay with this?
T: Just fine. What else can we check out?
A: The stable area.
T: So horses spend time in the little boxes and are worked in the bigger box.
A: Yes.
T: Why? Isn’t being on the trail preferable?
A: I think so.
T: And so do Raudi and Hrimmi and Tinni.
A: So we are all in agreement.
T: Yes. And they all agree with me that we would like to live in an area where we have more access to open space.
A: And I want this for you. But I do get you all out.
T: But I have been so neglected lately.
A: Yes, you have been second string. But now you are moving up to first string.
T: Just one thing.
A: What’s that?
T: Keep me away from the port a potties.
A: Will do.

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