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July 24, 2018: Running on Empty

Another great day on the trail. Riding Raudi is all I want to be doing; although I am looking forward to alternating days of riding her and Tyra and Tinni.

Stories, of course, are our reality – we fabricate, embellish, and establish a point of view that complements our perceptions of reality. But it is so – the story that is emerging right now has to do with Sarah, my riding buddy, and Hrimmi.

I started Hrimmi under saddle. She was quite slow and had a tendency to walk into brush when going downhill. So Pete took her on. She remained slow, I think because she was concerned about her balance. We

Alys and Hrimmi
Alys and Hrimmi

did right by her – Pete never asked her to do too much, and mainly rode her on our trails. I think the routine was good for her. It built strength and confidence.

I suggested to Sarah that she ride either Hrimmi or Raudi in the CTR. She chose Hrimmi. I was surprised – I presumed that she’d want to ride a horse like Spiffy in the CTR. Actually, she of course wanted to ride Spiffy. But Sarah saw in Hrimmi what most experienced horse people would not – a gentle soul who was eager to be taken to the next level. Timing is everything and the timing was good.

So Sarah has picked up where Pete left off. It is so amazing to watch the pair. They have reached an understanding about things that sometimes takes years. And Sarah has been consistent and fair in her requests. And, yes, she disciplines Hrimmi when needed, promptly and quickly.

Today we did a practice Pulse and Respiration check near the end of our ride. Hrimmi was so relaxed that she had her lowest heart rate ever. I was blown away by this.

I too am fortunate to have found a riding partner who I get along with so well. I am now downright chatty when riding. This has been good for Raudi, who likes girl talk and has a hard time maintaining a steady pace when following larger horses. She was doing well with Spiffy and we would have gotten this down.

Riding with Hrimmi, Raudi’s buddy, is just fortuitous – most of the time I don’t even think about it. Hrimmi does have a longer stride, particularly at the walk, but this is forcing Raudi to lengthen her own stride.

Today Raudi and I got off to a shaky start because she had to deal with a few different things – being dosed with bug dope (doesn’t like sprayers), the comings and goings of other horses, and Hrimmi being taken across the parking lot before I had mounted up.

This all turned out to be the best thing of all that could have happened. I got on Raudi who was beside herself – and within five minutes I had her full attention again. And we all had a wonderful ride. It is odd, that Raudi does not mind going out alone when in the hood, but she does mind going out alone when in strange places. This happened at last year’s Centered Riding clinic. I had that wonderful lesson with Peggy Brown, the one in which she had Pete slowly take Hrimmi away from the arena, farther and farther away. Then, after, Raudi tore after Hrimmi. It was like she was saying “You think you got one up on me. Think again, sister.” Well, now I know that for now, I have to be vigilant and prepared to deal.

I’m tired and wired. I just want to keep on keeping on.

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