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July 23, 2018: Look Outward and Grin

Made the transition to being back here after being in Anchorage at a barefoot trimming clinic just fine. Now moving forward and getting ready, sort of, for the Competitive Trail Ride. I feel like I have plenty of time. I have readjusted to my new perceptions of time, if that’s what you want to call it. I now know that time goes by far more quickly than it has in the past, so I keep a close eye on the clock and do what I have to do accordingly. I also no longer plan too much for a given time frame.

I did my body awareness work this morning, took 1 ½ hours. Then afterwards, Pete and I did agility with Raudi. Lackluster is an understatement. She just was not interested at all in what I was asking her to do. This could have been because she, along with the others, had gotten into the hayshed and because she had a full belly and it was warm, was lethargic. Come to think of it, it was the time of day in which she usually lies down and takes a nap. I should have said that we both could use a nap.

After lunch, I took her out and we went to Grizzly Camp. It was a wonderful ride – she’s moving in a more energetic fashion now that I am being lighter in the seat. I am no longer sitting down heavy; but rather, am off the seat a bit and balancing my body as she moves. I do post some, but not much. Being this way enables me to encourage her to trot downhill more, and she is obliging.

She stood still when I went to check her heartrate and really enjoyed the fan. This is my trick for keeping her relaxed.

I next went to Saddle Up arena and met Sarah there. We spent the early evening cleaning out a vintage RV. Now the CTR judges will have a place to hang out and tally all our scores.

Sarah did most of the cleaning. I had a good time playing in the RV – I sat in the driver’s seat and pretended that I was going on a road trip. I can now understand why people buy these things and travel in them. They are commodious and you do have a great view. Oh, but the bicyclist in me was not at all envious. I know from experience that it is possible and preferable to travel in a more efficient fashion, and at the same time, under one’s own power. I could and did go as far on my bicycle as some go in their RVs.

When finally, we were done, Sarah and I talked about the next few day’s plans. We are going to get in rides tomorrow, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. These won’t be long rides; rather, they will be less lengthy warm up rides.

Looking forward to this upcoming weekend and having a good time doing it.

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