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July 19, 2018: Another Day of Endless Possibilities

It’s now 11:55 p.m. I am again happily tired. Yet another great day – I have been shaking my head in disbelief. I finally have riding buddies. There is Pete, of course, who is right now (even as I am writing this) working on Competitive Trail Ride stuff. And there is Sarah, who is riding Hrimmi while Spiffy rests up for more adventures. And there is Judy, who is riding Isme, her mule. Judy has been working hard (she is the director of neurology and orthopedics at Providence Hospital in Anchorage), so she has not had time to join Sarah and me on day rides.

Raudi and Alys
Raudi and Alys

This morning, Pete and I met up with Sarah at Sew Together, which is owned by Jo, a mutual friend. Jo repaired Hrimmi’s bridle and sewed a patch on one of our blankets. Sarah remarked “well, this is another day of endless possibilities.” Her statement stopped me dead in my tracks because it was so appropriate. The sun was shining and the horses were in our trailer, waiting for us to venture off on another adventure. And we could have gone anywhere.

Pete took Sarah’s new car for the day and we took our truck and trailer. Yes, it did feel as we moved along that we were on a road trip.

We opted to ride the Maude Plumley Road trails. We took Petey, Sarah’s dog Petey with us. I asked why she was named Petey and was told that this was the name her family gives to her dogs.

I rode the area that we rode in today few weeks ago with Pete and Cathy Foxley. There were numerous side trails – we could have taken any of them. We ended up taking one that took us to a beautiful meadow – we cantered and trotted around the edge of it. I put Raudi out front and she moved out nicely.

We went past a yak farm on our ride – the yak were not in sight. We rode over a few bridges, one was beyond Hrimmi’s comfort level. We got her across once using the target, my yellow BCHA bandana. Then the second time, I had Sarah lead Raudi forward and Hrimmi finally followed.

We both practiced side passing and backing. And we did a roadside Pulse and Respiration stop –removing saddles and having the horses stand quietly. I did not get Raudi’s and Hrimmi’s heart rates because there were bugs, and when there are bugs, the horses twitch their skin. I call it machine gunning. I learn something every time I do this – this time I learned bring bug repellent on the big ride.

I am now riding fear free and with no apprehension. This has been a long time in coming. I feel when I’m riding Raudi how I used to feel riding Tinni.

Our ride ended six-ish. Pete met up with us at Bush’s Bunches and we got in our respective vehicles and came home. Tonight I cleaned out the trailer, sorted through gear, and took Tinni for a walk.

Tomorrow we are meeting up again, anew, another day of endless possibilities.

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