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July 17, 2018: A Conversation with Hrimfara

The following conversation took place after the day’s ride, as she was standing at the hitching post.

Alys: Hrimmi, what do you feel about now being in the first string?
Hrimmi: What do you mean by first string?
A: First string here means going out regularly on trail rides.
H: Well, I’ve sort of been doing this. You know, with Pete. He’s my main rider.
A: Yes, but now you are going out more routinely. You are being prepared to the upcoming Competitive Trail Ride.
H: Is this why I now have a different rider?
A: Yes. Pete is organizing the event.

Hrimmi getting the spa treatment
Hrimmi getting the spa treatment

H: Tinni and Raudi have told me all about this. They really enjoyed it.
A: Are you then up for this?
H: I am a little apprehensive. It’s a big leap for me to be taking, from just going out on the trails around here with Pete to having a different rider on different trails.
A: Yes it is. But Sarah and I are confident that you can do this.
H: Sarah is a really good rider. Like Pete, she makes me feel confident. And her cues to me are clear and consistent. Did you see what I did today? I backed down the hill into the Murphy Road trailhead Creek!
A: Yes. And Raudi had to do this after you because she feared she’d been bested.
H: Oh Raudi, I’m not like her. She really doesn’t care about pleasing anyone. I do care. I sometimes have a difficult time, I suppose as do all horses, in understanding what my rider wants. But it feels so good to be able to do what I’m asked.
A: We have to know – are your rear legs or ankles hurting you?
H: They do at times feel a bit swollen. But I am really enjoying what you and Sarah call the spa treatment. The wraps on the legs feel really good. And the body wraps make me feel more balanced.
A: Is there anything else we can do for you?
H: Yes there is.
A: What is that?
H: It’s you. This comment is to you. You seem to think that because my rear legs are not in alignment that I’m not going to be a great riding horse. You are so wrong. My rear legs are very strong.
A: So I need to see you for what you are – a very strong, supple, agile, and intelligent horse.
H: That’s right.
A: But are you up for two days of hard riding?
H: Yes I am in part because Sarah will be riding me.
A: Are you smitten?
H: Oh yes. She said today I had baby legs, and I then told her that I was born right over there, in that stall.
A: So you are communicating together?
H: Yes, and we are going to continue to do so. And I am also communicating with Raudi. You know, she sometimes gets anxious. I tell her that she has nothing to worry about and she then calms down.
A: So it’s good she’s going to do the CTR with you?
H: Yes. And it’s good that you are doing it too.
A: Any additional thoughts on this matter?
H: What’s with the long eared horse?
A: It’s a mule. Her name is Isme. And she belongs to Judy.
H: And they’re doing the CTR too?
A: Yes.
H: Well then, I will work harder at getting to know her.
A: We would all appreciate it.
H: What are we doing tomorrow?
A: Pete’s riding you.
H: That’s good. He’s my riding buddy you know.
A: Yes, I am well aware of this.

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