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July 16, 2018: From Nothing to Something

I know that things are happening when I pick up the camera and look at recent photos. I did this today. What I am seeing are people engrossed in horsey doings and providing good care to their animals.

The mule is Isme. The owner is Judy. The pinto is Hrimmi. The rider is Sarah. The chestnut is Raudi. The rider is Alys. There is Pete, talking and giving an assist.

The wraps on Hrimmi’s legs. Sarah found them at Wal Mart. They are cold packs, they have these little cubicles that freeze up – they easily wrap around a horse’s leg or can be put on their back. The rear leg in the bucket. Sarah’s idea, to put Hrimmi’s rear leg in cold water. Hrimmi didn’t mind at all.

Hrimmi with foot in ice bath
Hrimmi with foot in ice bath

It’s a lot of fun, figuring out ways of better caring for these very wonderful animals. Sarah calls the pre and post ride ministering spa treatments. I call her Sarah Stewart. The horses have yet to get manicures, but perhaps some hoof gloss might be the ticket.

Today I met Sarah at Crevasse Moraine, a local trail system. Pete drove me and the horses there because I can’t haul. We took Ryder on our outing. It was just slightly overcast, and at times, a little humid. The terrain was excellent – bridal path like. There were some open fields, some windy woods sections, and some roller coaster ups and downs. The trails were well marked.

I was not at all apprehensive at any point in time. If I was apprehensive, I would have grown quiet and just ridden behind Hrimmi. Instead, I chatted with Sarah and was out front quite a bit. I encouraged Raudi to canter and she obliged, doing her slow rocking horse canter, which is a joy to ride. Near the end of the roller coasters she did indicate that she wanted to go faster, but I think that this was because the bugs were annoying her. Last year, when I rode with the visiting Centered Riders, she was beside herself because of the bugs, and all the time my heart was in my throat.

And Sarah and Hrimmi seem to be a good fit. Hrimmi knows that Sarah really likes her and is eager to please. Hrimmi did have a Hrimmi moment when she went down a steep hill, into the brush, and nearly unseated Sarah. I emailed Sarah and said that this is because she is apprehensive about steep hills because her rear legs are her missing link. I further suggested that we should use the clicker and in going downhills, reward her incrementally.

It’s now raining. Got another ride scheduled for tomorrow. I am living the dream.

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