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July 14, 2018: Riding with Isme

The quote from St. Francis, “Let us begin again, for up until now we’ve done nothing,” is now most apt. And perhaps I can now put it into a workable context.

Today, Sarah who owns Spiffy (ailing horse), and her friend Judy who owns Isme (mule), appeared here bright and early – 10 a.m. And we went for a ride. We first did our trails – I rode Raudi and Sarah rode Hrimmi. Then we returned for lunch. Ate in the shade of our trailer, though it was not that cold. Piled the goods on an overturned feed bucket – set a red and white checked table cloth on top of it.

 checking Isme the mule's rigging
Checking Isme the mule's rigging

The question that we all answered in a roundabout way was what are our plans for the upcoming CTR? Things could and probably will change again, but it appears as though Judy is going to ride Isme in the competitive pleasure division, Sarah is going to ride Raudi or Hrimmi in the same, and I am going to ride Raudi or Hrimmi in the same.

My plan was originally to ride in the open, alone. And then it was to ride with Sarah, in the open. Then Spiffy developed some physical problems, so my plan again became to ride in the open alone.

I of course wanted to ride in the open, but not alone, rather with a partner who with me, would work as a team. This is now not to be.

This is where the quote enters into the picture. I am going to ride with Sarah and Judy in the CP. I do not know yet which horse I will be riding. In essence, I am going back to nothing and beginning anew. The quote is one of direction and optimism and therefore is one which makes me take heart.

In the afternoon, we rode to Grizzly Camp and then up the bench. I rode Hrimmi and she did wonderfully. She just powered along like it was nobody’s business. And Sarah (who in the morning rode Hrimmi) rode Raudi. Our horses were brave, bold, confident, and did not expend any unnecessary energy. Judy’s mule is young and expended energy on moving out of the way when she went to mount, and moving out of the way when Judy (on top of the bench) went to put the saddle that she’d removed, back on her horse. Isme is a very good mule – she just needs more experience. And Judy is confident without being overbearing.

I know that I will enjoy riding with Sarah and Judy. We are going to have a good time preparing for the CTR, which is going to be in two weeks. And we will have a good time doing the CTR. But, admittedly, there is a part of me that feels dismay in that I am in essence going back to nothing and starting over.

I also am aware that Raudi is not a fast moving endurance horse and thus very well may be better suited for the CP than the open. So already I know that I have made the right decision in moving her down a notch. Is there really such a thing as nothing? Only in our imaginations.

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