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July 13, 2018: A Conversation with Raudi

The following conversation took place at the beginning of our 10-mile Buffalo Mine Road Ride. I was walking Raudi.

Alys: Raudi, great weather today.
Raudi: Won’t last.
A: What makes you say that?
R: Wind’s picking up. Clouds are moving.
A: Oh.
R: Oh yes.
A: Do you think it’s going to rain?
R: Yes.
A: When?
R: Late this afternoon, early this evening.
A: So we have enough time for a ride?
R: We do.
A: Up Buffalo Mine Road.
R: Not my favorite ride.
A: What is your favorite ride?
R: I like the Grizzly Camp ride.
A: Why is that?
R: Road rides are boring.
A: But we’ve done the Grizzly Camp ride so often.
R: The scenery is always changing though.
A: And we take the dog.
R: Good to have the dog with.
A: So Raudi, I have a question for you.
R: Yes?


A: Spiffy, how is she doing?
R: Spiffy says she’s tired.
A: Is that all?
R: And that she would like a long break.
A: Is that all?
R: Yes.
A: She does know that Sarah is taking her best interests into consideration.
R: Oh yes she does know this.
A: What more can she do?
R: Let her rest.
A: The farrier visit, what did she think of that?
R: It was very relaxing. Like the rest of us, she enjoys hanging out.
A: I will tell Sarah this.
R: Will Sarah believe that I told you this?
A: I think so. I also think that what you are saying verifies what she’s been thinking.
R: Glad to hear it. I enjoyed going out on rides with her.
A: Yes, we were figuring out how to keep pace.
R: It’s difficult keeping up. Those big horses have longer legs than I do.
A: Yes, I know this.
R: Are we still doing that two day ride?
A: The Competitive Trail Ride?
R: Yes.
A: We are. But right now a few things are up in the air.
R: Around here, there is always something up in the air.
A: Sarah was supposed to ride Spiffy.
R: But Spiffy won’t be up for this.
A: Right.
R: So, uhh.
A: We are working on options. Sarah may ride Hrimmi. Or she might ride you.
R: Me?
A: Yes. If I ride Hrimmi, she might ride you.
R: Goodness.
A: What do you think of that?
R: To be honest with you, I would prefer just to stay home.
A: And?
R: Eat grass. Can’t get enough grass.
A: Do you enjoy being ridden?
R: Sometimes.
A: Sometimes?
R: Yes sometimes.
A: How about Hrimmi, does she enjoy being ridden?
R: Sometimes.
A: And what about Tyra?
R: She can’t get enough of being ridden. She is your future cee tee rrrr riding horse.
A: You don’t say.
R: I do say.
A: Well, if you don’t like being ridden, what do you see as being your purpose in life?
R: To have babies. Several. That’s what I most want to do.
A: Someday Raudi, someday. In the meantime, it is time for me to mount up. Here’s the Ridge Runner trailhead.
R: Hop on. But take your time. There are dandelion greens here.
A: In abundance.
R: Yes, in abundance.

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