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July 11, 2018: Unrest

This is what today was, a day of unrest. I knew it would be. This is what happens any time I attempt to rest – it becomes a day of unrest. I’m glad these days are rare because I don’t really like them. Life is too short to spend it relaxing.

I should add though, that overall, it was a very good day.

It began with me doing my body awareness work. Then, as I was doing my neck exercises (which I had put on my cellphone) I got a call. I then did something I seldom do, which is answer it. It was Sarah. She was outside in the yard. She presumed that her consult with Josh, our farrier was at 11 a.m. It was at 1 p.m. She had not checked her email messages,

Sarah on Spiffy

so she arrived here at the earlier time, with Spiffy in tow.

She and I sat around for a while (remember in an earlier dispatch I wished that someone would come over for tea?) We mainly talked about Spiffy and her physical problems. And we talked some about my horsey doings.

Finally, we headed outside – Josh was here – he said that he’d gladly take a look at Spiffy. He did an extensive gait analysis and provided commentary. I can’t fully recount what was said because I wasn’t able to grasp it all in its entirety. Suffice to say that he shod Spiffy, making balance-related changes.

We then trotted Spiffy out again. She remained stiff and lame. The hope is that in a few days that she will have internalized the farrier work and also that she’ll recover from whatever traumas she’s experiencing, some being back and knee related.

Josh left and we then worked on saddle fit issues. We didn’t come up with anything conclusive.

The way I look at all this is that horses are our teachers – and right now Spiffy is teaching both Sarah and me a great deal. I can’t speak for Sarah, but I have learned that I do not know as much about horses and horse health as I once thought. I guess this is because I got into this late in life.

I did tell Sarah that if it came to be that I would ride Raudi in the middle CTR Competitive Pleasure division. This, I am feeling, is the right thing to do. She and Spiffy are right now Raudi and my riding partners, and so to do otherwise would be just plain wrong.

This evening Pete went to a CTR meeting and I did the dishes and cleaned up the place. He has been so busy that the place has fallen into a state of disarray. Now it is in a state of array.

Tomorrow will be another day. I suppose I will be – restless.

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