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July 10, 2018: Twenty Miles

Let us begin again for up until now we’ve done nothing -- St. Francis

I was in a slight state of despair because I am having saddle fit issues. My saddle keeps listing to the right, which messes up my alignment and is making me sore. But in coming across the above quote, I began feeling better about the situation.

This quote is most apt in regard to the saddle fit situation. I can continue to fret and fume about what hasn’t worked or I can work on other options. Moving on is key.

Raudi and her hay

My example is in relation to this quote rather trite. It is of and in itself a very hopeful and moving quote. Past transgressions, this is what we need to really leave behind. Starting anew in terms of relations with others is most important. We can pass judgement and belabor one another’s ineptitude, and at the same time, assume that because of this, the person in question isn’t worth dealing with. Best to just say, that what you did was nothing.

The tone of the quote also appeals to me as does the voice, which is that of a good leader.

My life, I have really done nothing. This is a truism. I am not going to elaborate on what I hope to accomplish and yet have not. Rather, I should instead be of the mind that tomorrow, I can start anew.

And tomorrow, I will start anew. Tomorrow, Raudi and I are both going to take a day off from trail riding. We both worked hard today. I rode her to the end of Buffalo Mine Road with Pete on his bike being the rabbit. And we did a lot of trotting and cantering in doing our twenty miles. It helped that it was rainy and cool out. It did not help that after a bit the trails were slippery. Raudi had very little traction.

Tomorrow, Joshua the farrier is going to put new shoes on Raudi. We are now calling her shoes runners. I have worn the others down to postage stamp thickness. He’s also going to trim the other three horses’ hooves. Sarah is going to come over and Josh is going to take a look at Spiffy, who’s problem might be related to the fact that she’s forging – her left hind is nicking the rear of her right front foot and her right hind is nicking her left front foot. This is causing Spiffy considerable soreness.

Rudi and I may work on some horsemanship things, like backing around trees in a figure eight, and opening and closing gates. But generally, it is going to be a day spent around here.

Tonight, I am tired. It’s 8:30 p.m. and we’ll soon have dinner. After dinner, I generally do more with the other horses. I don’t think I am going to do this tonight, but then I might have a second wind. My degree of motivation remains high.

So we will begin anew tomorrow. I’m feeling good about this.

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