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July 7, 2018: Among Friends

I am really tired, like totally exhausted, I could fall asleep standing up tired. I woke up at 4 a.m. and could not get back to sleep. Then I got up at 7 a.m. and was out riding by 8 a.m. The world is actually a lovely place at that hour – everything is fresh and there are few vehicles out on the road. And even fewer barking dogs.

I had a good five mile ride on Raudi – she was chipper but not inclined to trot until we got to Buffalo Mine Road. Then we made good time coming home.

Once here, Karol C and Terri M arrived. This was at 10 a.m. We did the same route I did earlier, the quasi residential/quasi trail loop. We did it 20 minutes faster than I did it alone.

Tyra comes alive

Once we returned here, we ate lunch and then did our trails and the Bench trail. All total, I rode 15 miles. The bench hill climb and the heat made it a challenging ride for Raudi and me, though she seemed none the worse for wear once we finished up.

As I rode today, I thought some about this past month and how I have been fortunate to ride with the horse people in our area that I have always respected the most. Cathy F, Jane, Sarah H, and Karol and Terri have taught me so much.

Cathy (on Traveler) and Jane (on Quincy) taught me to be a more fearless toolie buster. I learned from them to be less fearful in dealing with questionable terrain. Sarah H (on Spiffy) moved fast – and in doing this I discovered that Raudi will listen to me and not try to barge ahead. Sarah also reminded me of the importance of stopping and doing obstacle work when horses are getting rushy.

And today, Karol C (on Lady Sydney) and Terri M (on Joe) impressed upon me the importance of staying cool and calm. Nothing phases these two. We rode up the Bench together, Karol’s horse and mine forged ahead, somewhat energetically. At the top, I did mock P and R’s, removing Raudi’s saddle and sponging her down.

I was so tired that I was impatient – they had things to do on the home front, but they hung out while I cooled down my horse.

My best riding partner of course, is and will remain Pete. He’s lucky in that he has yet another very calm riding horse in Hrimmi. This allows him to hold court on a wide variety of subjects. I’m still feeling like I can’t let my mind wander too far when riding Raudi – but I can now let it wander a bit.

I do not take these friends for granted. In fact, I fear that they might see me as a liability and in fact, at any time, any one of them might turn to me and say “you know, you should really take up knitting. You just don’t have the right temperament for riding and your horse knows it.”

This could happen. But in the meantime I am enjoying being in the company of the best trail riders in the state.

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