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July 6, 2018: Dog Days of Summer

The heat wave continues. I now fully understand the phrase “the dog days of summer.” Ryder has a thick border collie coat and finds it hard to take the heat. This is why she’s been napping so much. Add to this she has a sore right foot and, this has slowed her down. In her more active moments, she’s been barking at passing cars.

The past few days I’ve felt like joining Ryder, just curling up and taking a lengthy nap. But no, this is summer and the weather’s good and there is no time to waste. It’s been too hot to ride at mid-day, and I have not been getting up early enough to get Raudi out and beat the heat. Tomorrow I am going to do this. It won’t be easy, but if we are to get in our miles I must.

Ryder on a dog day

Today, I did my body awareness work, and then right after, I hoofed it up the bench. I ran up, I felt good. I walked down, and that felt so good that I did not feel like running. I was inspired by Kathrine Switzer who was the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon. I am reading her book – it’s a good heat wave read. It is also good in that it has me thinking that I want to make further connections between horse and human endurance training. The books are either on one or the other. I now see people conditioning their horses but giving little regard to themselves.

The afternoon was hot – Pete worked like a dog on replacing a fence post. It was a tough one – he hit a large rock and this slowed him down. I had the easier job – I scooped the water out of the trash cans by the compost station and watered the compost. The cold water on my legs did feel good.

Then I cleaned my saddle, which also involved the use of copious amounts of water. The timing was good because just as I was starting this project the UPS man showed up at the gate with a large package. It contained CTR prizes AND my new Equipedic Saddle Pad. This was a pricey item, but well worth the price, as I was to find out. It has a gel cushion and underneath, wool. I finished saddle cleaning and Pete and I went for a ride.

Hrimmi is no longer lame, so we went to Grizzly Camp, which has a long hill. Ohh, the pad – it feels so good – and I imagine that Raudi likes it too. My big revelation today was that I can stand a bit in the stirrups and not post. This is going to save on my knees.

We only went five miles, but it was a good five miles. Tomorrow I am going to get up early and get a ride in before Karol C and Terri M. get here, then do a ride with them.

So I am essentially working hard at keeping the dog days at bay.

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