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June 29, 2018: Rounding Corners

Rounding corners, literally, is rather boring. Then you have circles. And if you have circles you will always see where you will be in a few moments time. Rounding them figuratively is less boring, for the meaning inherent to the phrase is to make inroads, and in this respect, to create new possibilities.

Raudi and I are rounding corners now a lot of the time. Today we went for yet another group ride, this one with Karol K and Terry M. They arrived at 10 a.m. Pete and I were not ready to ride. I used to pride myself on having my horse ready to go. Lately, it’s as though I’ve given up on this. Pete will never, ever get out of bed before I do, and if I get up too early he makes his dissatisfaction known by telling me “you are leaping out of bed.”

Raudi stands in hula hoop while Alys lifts her foot
Raudi stands in hula hoop while Alys lifts her foot

Actually, these days I can and do leap. I have really been diligent about doing my body awareness work, and it is paying off in that I am feeling more supple and flexible and self-confident.

I have ridden with Carol and Terri in the past, and before I’ve fretted. I have also made sure to ride behind other horses for fear of Raudi’s running off. But now, things are different. I now ride out front and with considerable confidence. This is what I did today, on our trails, on the trail up and down Grizzly Camp, and the trail up and down the bench. Raudi did really well. She likes being out front. I don’t think that she really likes moving quickly, but she will move.

I have to be careful that I don’t get over confident. I did this a few years back and busted some ribs. And it was on the trail to Grizzly Camp.

I continued to figure out what gear works and what does not. I now wear my Camelback and a fanny pack. I’m going to put a sponge in the fanny pack bottle holder, and a water bottle and the CTR map in the front saddle pouches.

I wear two watches – both have a second hand so I can take note of time in regards to heart rate. The newer watch also gives the distance, time, and miles per hour.

I also made an additional change. I rooted through my tack and specifically my bridle stash, and I found a bridle with a noseband. I rightly figured that she would not open her mouth and push through when say, asked to back. This equipment change worked quite well. And Raudi now looks like she’s getting in better shape. She is a little less round and little more lean.

So I must keep up the momentum and keep riding. I would like to continue to ride with others – the problem is that most come and ride here and have a good time but then don’t come back. This is because our trails are like Niagara Falls—see what’s here and move on to the next attraction.

So tomorrow I will get up early and get going and get in a longer ride. Tonight it is raining. I hope this is not going to be a trend.

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