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June 22, 2018: Stop Making Sense

Couldn’t get the David Byrne song out of my head today, so I just let it do its Mobius strip thing. Far better to have this going through my head than the theme song from Daniel Boone. I wonder, how many actually admit to this kind of thing?

It was not a great day. The day, now that I look back on it, was an exercise in being flexible. The day sort of began with Hrimmi and I doing agility. This was her choice. She opted to do this in the Playground of Higher Learning rather than go back into the paddock with her buddies. Her choice was to either return to the prison cell or the outside recreation area. She opted for the latter.

Raudi on bench
Raudi on bench

My subsequent body awareness lessons went a bit longer than an hour in part because I was extremely focused. Every time I do this I have a revelation, and today’s was that I should take a moment and rest between exercises. It’s too easy to say that I should do another and another and another.

I had planned on getting Raudi out for a ride before heading to VCRS to meet with Carole, but decided instead to spend riding time figuring out my high tech wrist watch. I needed to locate and nail down the stop watch option and as well, find a way of returning to the actual time when in the section that offers choices of data fields. We did not figure out the latter. Pete is going to the Garmin website when he has the time.

The VCRS visit was okay – Carole has been giving me much needed input. However I have decided that from this point on, I am going to work independently and just get Part 1 done. This will save me travel time and increase my level of productivity.

Back on the home front – I did some agility with Raudi, ate dinner, and then did agility with Tyra. Tyra, unlike Raudi and Hrimmi, is all over the map. I then tacked up Raudi and put her through her horsemanship paces. I opened and closed our gate, backed down a roadside creek, and practiced standing.

Yesterday, with Sarah, I chunked things down when we were out on the trail. For instance, Sarah had her horse step on a log while she was on her back. I did this from the ground. There were a few other such instances, but right now I can’t remember them.

So tonight, I was struggling, in attempting to get Raudi to do a figure eight around the barrels while in the playground. I then had this revelation. I should chunk this down and first and have her do this on the ground. THEN I should do it under saddle. I should also do this when practicing walking her in reverse down the creek bed.

I’m going to have Pete video me so I can see what my position is going up and down hills.

All this is being flexible. If you aren’t flexible physically, there is no way you can be flexible mentally.

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