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June 21, 2018: It’s Been a Hard Day’s Ride and I’ve been Working Like a Dog

Yet another tune with my own lyrics racing through my head. Way fun, to change the words, and to play around with the lyrics. It’s just one of life’s greatest unfairnesses that people think I am tone deaf. I sound good to me, and this is cause for great celebration.

Well, I like it when my birthday falls on a Friday because then I can celebrate it all weekend. I also like celebrating pre-solstice, solstice, and post solstice. Best to drag it out some. Today is June 21, in my mind this is the real solstice. It’s sort of a plateau – in a few days we’ll be going downhill.

Alys, Pete, and Hrimmi on the bench
Alys, Pete, and Hrimmi on the bench

I celebrated solstice, such that it is, by going on three rides. The first, early in the day, was with Sarah G who brought her horse Spiffy over. Spiffy is a large black Tennessee Walker. First, Pete helped with some adjustments to her new Specialized saddle – it has padded inserts, is far more complicated thant it need be. We used our impression form and so she got an idea of where the saddle was pressing down on Spiffy’s back.

After, we went for a ride, first on our trails and then to Grizzly Camp. I was not at all apprehensive before, during, or after the ride – this is a good sign. And Raudi did wonderfully, going faster than usual and yet maintaining her distance when in the rear from Spiffy.

It appears as though Sarah and I might ride together in the CTR. If I can just hang behind her, I will have a nice ride and a good time. I don’t foresee that this is going to be a problem. Raudi is in decent shape and we still have a month to go before the CTR.

Next, Pete and I went for a ride with our friend Terri Mielke, the woman who for some time owned Lifre (he’s now retired and doing okay). Terri rides Joe, a large black Tennessee Walker. We did our trails and then did the bench loop.

This ride was far more relaxed than last night’s ride and this morning’s ride. A good thing, Raudi needed a break. We actually stopped twice for a long time and got off and enjoyed the view. Like I said, it is real easy to get focused on getting the miles in and forget to take in the sights. It had threatened to rain, but when we got to the bench the sun was shining. I took off my ankle weights, shoes, socks and just kicked back for a bit.

The high point of the three rides came when coming down from the bench onto Pete’s trail. The first part and the last parts are very steep but I rode it all. Raudi was slow, and very steady, the way Tinni often is. This is really huge – we just keep rising to challenges.

Lastly, Pete and I took Tinni and Tyra out on Peaches’ Loop and Siggi’s Trail. It is time to start riding Tyra more. She is really balanced although like the others, grass obsessed. Well, she will have a rude awakening come next fall.

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