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June 18, 2018: Two Days

The rain has held off the past two days; though it could have gone either way. There has been some spitting on the part of Mother Nature, but no major downfalls. So I have taken advantage of the time between storms and getting out and riding.

Yesterday I rode with Pete (on Hrimmi) and Cathy and Jane. I rode with Cathy on her home trails and with Cathy and Jane on the Government Peak trails. Both are very calm riders who make good judgements. And no surprise, their horses are also well trained and calm. Really good for anxious me and Raudi.

Riding with Kathy and Jane

Yesterday we rode our trails, then went to Grizzly Camp, then did the Bench Loop. I was out front on Raudi except once. Hrimmi took the lead coming down the Grizzly Camp Hill, and so I held Raudi back.

For the longest time, I rode Raudi on the butts of other horses. Not yesterday. She so enjoyed being out front – and she trotted and cantered nicely when I asked. I am fortunate in that I can get on and off of her easily – I did walk down the steepest part of Pete’s trail, on the far side of the bench loop. Jane and Pete also walked it – Cathy rode.

Altogether we rode 8 miles.

I was not at all apprehensive or fearful. I remember the first time I rode Tinni on the same trail with others. I was terrified and could not wait for the ride to be over.

Raudi has become my number one trail riding horse. Pete predicted this many years ago. Now, at least on the home trails, we are a good team.

Today, I determined that Raudi and I would get some miles in. So I ended up doing a 16 mile ride. Actually, I rode 15 miles in five hours – I pushed Raudi on our trails so that we made this time. And she rose to the occasion.

I rode her to the end of Buffalo Mine Road, to Moose Creek, to Four Corners via Bonnie and Dale’s former property, back up Murphy to our trails, and then home. She did do one of her spins going up Buffalo Mine Road (saw something by the roadside), and she did do one of her bucks coming back down Buffalo Mine Road (cause for this unknown). But otherwise, she did fine.

We are having a war of wills about her grass grabbing behavior. It’s distracting, and is an indication that her mind is not on her job. I think she is going to win because she is never going to give up movement related foraging.

I felt pretty good at the ride’s end although my knees were stiff for a while. This is something I have to deal with. I think I am going to send the saddle makers a few photos and see what they suggest. If I could solve this problem soon, I will be golden.

Tomorrow, Selene my student intern, is coming over. So Tyra, Tinni, and Hrimmi are going to get some attention. And, Raudi will get the day off.

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