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June 16, 2018: Time and Time Again

I am wondering why time seems to be going so fast. Is everyone noticing this, meaning this is a sign of things to come? Or is this something that one becomes aware of as they get older? I think that my questions are going to remain unanswered because from what I can tell, it isn’t something that 1. Either people are aware of, or 2. People don’t want to talk about.

The reluctance to talk about this reminds me of going through menopause. No one, absolutely no one, wanted to talk about this, not even Pete. And he did not have the interest in helping me do research on the subject. It became something I had to endure, and endure I did, for about ten years. I thought it was going to go on forever.

Alys with cow head

Menopause in relation to time going quickly is not an apt comparison – just the part about not having anyone to talk to about this. It is quite the mystery to me. I now know that an hour is not a very long period of time to me anymore, and that if I am having to get ready to go someplace, that I need to keep my eye on the clock because time will get away from me.

I don’t think that I have less time to do things; although it sure seems this way. But the time I do have to do these things goes by more quickly.

Today is a good example. I woke to the sound of heavy rain. I could not get back to sleep, so I got up. My plan was to tend to the horses, do body awareness work, and then go for a long ride. I did do the body awareness work, and because it was raining, took more time than I usually do to do this. It was well worth the time. As I was finishing up, I got a call from Bonnie Dinkel, who I am working with on a chapter of the book. She had some materials for me to take a look at. So instead of riding I went and met Bonnie at the recycling center.

I talked with Bonnie for some time. I also talked with Selene, my summer horse intern. None of this seemed to take any time at all. Then Pete and I got together with a few of the people who work at the recycling center at a local bar. It did not seem like this took any time at all, either.

Once back on the home front, I spent a little time before dinner with Raudi, and then after dinner, a lot of time with Raudi. We had a good agility session and a great ride.

This was my day. I did not get the other horses out. I did not get any reading done. I did not, as planned, outline a chapter in the hoof rehabilitation book. I did not work directly on the Forks book. I think I had as much time as anyone else would have had, but I am not sure. It was just that the time that I had went by more quickly. And, I have this odd feeling that as I get older time is going to go by even more quickly. I wish that I’d been told this was going to happen when I signed on for this life project. Maybe someday, I will be able to register a complaint.

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