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June 11, 2018: Rain

It started raining last night, shortly after we got home. It rained all night and it has been raining on and off, all day today. We have been doing things outside, between near cloudbursts. I guess it holds true. Do outside things when the sun is shining and inside things when it is raining. Alas, I have four hopeful ponies giving me the look any time I pass their pen – I haven’t gotten any of them out in a few days.

This morning, Pete went to Saddle Up Arena and picked up the recycling center scale. A good number of individuals did weigh their horses yesterday. I got Raudi and Hrimmi’s weights – I am next going to weigh them with the weigh tape and calibrate to match.

Heather and Rio at Saddle Up Arena

I sorted through and put my obstacle stuff back in Pete’s absence. Upon his return, he gave me a hand with putting the poles on the fence back in place and also brought up the ground poles. The June course is my favorite – I am looking forward to spending time with it and the horses.

I scythed quite a bit of cow parsnip as Pete fixed the hay shed door.

We then went inside for lunch – it had then just started raining, again.

After lunch, the rain let up. We put T-Posts in the truck, drove down to the pasture and put them in place. The area will be divided in thirds when we are done. Next week the entire pasture will be brush hogged. I am going to put manure on the farthest third, and maybe some grass seed.

The sky was looking really dark upon our return. Pete took off to go to a recycling center meeting and I came inside. I planned, when it cleared up, on getting out and riding the horses. It’s now raining some, and threatening to rain some more. It is really dark out.

So, indoor stuff until it clears up. Going to read more about hoof rehabilitation and then do my body awareness work. I think that this injury healed as quickly as it did because I was judicious about doing a long session two days ago. I also feel more limber and agile than I would otherwise.

The footing in the outdoor arena at Saddle Up was (as I said yesterday) deep sand. I struggled in getting around. And I got to thinking, if I struggled, the horses must have done the same. My calf muscles were tight this morning, and that was the reason why. I know that from this point in time on that I will be more cognizant of the footing when I ride my horses on such surfaces.

We are also ordering two dump truck loads of gravel, one for the driveway and one for the horse facility. The horse facility will have gravel in the hitching post area and near where they eat. This way, those who are barefoot will have more natural wear on their hooves.

I keep eyeballing the sky. From the vantage point of my standing desk, I can see the rain falling. So, I must content myself with doing inside stuff. Grr grr grr.

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