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June 9, 2018: Doing Less

We were in bed this morning, Pete seldom gets up before me. He likes to first stretch and then make the bed. By the time he’s downstairs I am out the door and tending to the animals. He gets going on making his lunch if he is going to school, and then makes breakfast.

We do not plan the day. I refuse because bed is not the place for this. The breakfast table is the place for this. We also do not eat breakfast in bed because Pete detests crumbs. So I doubt that I will ever be served breakfast in bed, to a large part because breakfast without toast is just filler.

Alys and Tyra doing agility last winter

Today was just a little different. I did not feel like getting up because going vertical was a challenge. My quadriceps hurt. I figured it out – I hurt the prime movers, the muscles that contract. And so it is hard to lift my leg.

I told this to Pete and said that I would not be doing as much today. His response was that I’d be doing different things. It may have been the moment, me just lying there, looking out at the trees that are now in full bloom, or it may have been the fact that I didn’t feel like moving. Don’t know. I was struck by the simplicity of this statement. It turned out to be a truism.

I can’t move quickly. I am having to move less. Very difficult for me. In fact, excruciating. I did do my body awareness work – spent two hours doing this – this was preventative. I knew that if I spent time on my lessons that I will not compensate as much for the fact that I have different leg mobility.

I also spent time talking with my sister, Eleanor. I have wanted to talk with her but I have had a lot going on. It was a wonderful (as usual) conversation. When we were in San Francisco we went to the downtown post office and took in the WPA murals on the walls. We were both blown away by what we saw, Eleanor so much that she’s doing research on this subject. She is thinking that Eleanor Roosevelt may have had more of a hand in getting this project going than she’s been given credit for.

It really was a wonderful time – so many artists, poets, musicians and construction workers engaged in meaningful, socially redeeming work. Now I want to know more about this, too.

Later, Pete and I went to a neighbor’s and watched the Belmont Stakes. I knew that Justify was going to win – and he went wire to wire. A very strong horse. Such a dangerous sport. Glad to see there were no accidents.

Good, to talk with our friend Krista who, like us, wants to see the Moose Range area become non-motorized. Reading Robert Moore’s book On Trails makes me realize this might be possible.

And late this afternoon I have been getting ready for tomorrows horse expo. It is to benefit the trail riding community, more specifically the Back Country Horsemen of Alaska (Pete is the vice president) and the Competitive Trail Ride (Pete is the ride manager). I have been gathering together obstacles, which we will reassemble at Saddle Up arena, then later disassemble and bring back home.

I’m now going out to tend to the horses. I have spent no time with them today and feel terrible about this. I just hope this leg heals fast.

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