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January 16, 2018: A Conversation with Hrimfara

Hrimfara bangs on the gate with her front hooves.

Alys: Hrimmi, be patient, I will get you more hay, but it will be a few minutes.
Hrimmi: Can’t wait. Want hay. Want it now.
A: You are not starving. You are carrying enough groceries for a family of four.
H: I am starving.
A: Why don’t you use up some of your winter fat?
H: Why don’t you use up some of yours?
A: Sassy today, aren’t we?
H: Not sassy. Just hungry. Alaska Equine Rescue is going to come here, and count my ribs. For each rib they can feel, you will spend ten years in the pen.
Tyra: Goodness. That would be a life sentence.
Raudi: Who would then feed us?
H: Pete.
Raudi: He doles out less hay than Alys.
A: Okay. Here you all go. Two more flakes.
H: And more on the way, I hope.
A: More on the way.
Tinni: When?
A: I want you all to eat what you have in front of you.
H: And then we get more.
A: Hrimmi, I need to have a come to Jesus talk with you.
H: Oh Oh.
Tyra: Jesus is our savior.
A: A Come to Jesus talk is a figure of speech.
R: Good. I don’t want to talk religion.
A: How do you horses know so much about so little?
Tinni: We listen carefully. You humans are full of information.


R: And other animals pass on what they have heard from other humans.
H: Wanna hear me cuss?
Tyra: Jesus is our savior.
A: Is that so?
Tyra: Yes. The song goes like this:
Jesus loves the little ponies,
All the ponies of the world,
Yellow, green, and black and white
They are precious in his sight
Jesus loves the ponies of the world.
R: But we are not ponies we are horses.
Tyra: I’m sure that Jesus also loves the little horses.
Tinni: What’s not to love?
A: I obviously love you all or I would not be here, scooping poop.
R: You sure do a good job.
A: No divine intervention here. Hrimmi, I have a question for you.
H: Ask it.
A: You have the makings of an excellent trail horse. You have your dam Signy’s common sense and steady eddy attitude.
H: Yes I do.
A: But you stop often on the trail. Why is it?
H: Lots of reasons.
A: Would you care to elaborate?
H: No.
A: Is this something we can do something about?
H: Yes.
A: What then?
H: A part of the problem is you.
A: Me?
H: Yes you.
A: Do you care to elaborate?
H: Well, when you ride behind me and Pete and I stop, you start ragging on him about his riding abilities. He gets tense and I get tense. And when I get tense, my balance is affected. And when my balance is affected, my front end disassociates from my back end. I just cannot move them.
A: Makes sense to me.
R: Bullshit. You are lazy.
Tinni: Alys, you need to lighten up.
Tyra: Maybe you need to center yourself. If you can’t do it alone, Jesus will help you.
A: I can’t believe we are having this conversation.
H: The subject matter is very important. I am glad it is being addressed.
A: I will do better.
R: I liked Pete’s idea. We could hire a helicopter and by sling, transport you up the hills.
H: Great idea.
T: I came from Iceland to the US in an airplane. I was lifted by sling up onto the deck.
H: Did you enjoy this?
T: I was blindfolded.
H: Okay. Get the helicopter out. But no blindfolds. And I only need to be taken to the top of the hills.
Tinni: Could be noisy.
A: What if the rope broke and you fell to the ground and died?
Tyra: This would be very sad. However, your soul would go straight to heaven.
R: How do you know her soul would go to heaven?
Tyra: Because she puts up with Alys behind her yelling at Pete.
A: I get the idea.
Tyra: And Alys, you will go to hell in a handbasket.
A: How about sending me to purgatory?
Tyra: Nope. This is not a gray issue.
Tinni: I am a gray issue.
A: All right. I understand what Hrimmi is telling me. I will do better.
Tyra: Saints be praised.
H: Halleluiah sister.
Tyra: This calls for another hymn.
A: I get it. Here you all go. A bale of hay.
All go silent and begin eating.

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