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June 7, 2018: A Conversation with Hrimfara

The following conversation took place in the evening, while spending time with Hrimfara. We talked as I groomed her, then did agility and Intrinzen work, then hung out in the pasture area.

Alys: Hrimmi: Are you having a good spring?
Hrimfara: Oh yes.
A: How so?
H: Well, I’m now Pete’s number one riding horse, so I’m getting out more than I used to.
A: Last year you weren’t too sure if you wanted to be a riding horse.
H: No I was not. I just wasn’t feeling in balance.
A: And now you do feel in balance?
H: Oh yes.
A: Would you like to do a long trip?
H: Oh yes. When would this be?
A: Next summer.
H: Where would we go?
A: Down to America.
H: America! Siggi, Raudi, and my dam Signy told me all about America. I was told that there is a lot of good grubbing there.
A: Yes.
H: And Tinni has told me all about Iceland. He’s says it’s a lot like here but that the horses have more room to roam.
A: And he told you that the horses that come from there cannot ever so go back.
H: Yes he told me this. He says it’s a silly rule and that those who leave most certainly should be welcomed back.
A: The Icelandic people think that incoming horses might bring diseases into the country.
H: All they would have to do is examine them. You know, Tinni is disease free.
A: Well, I am working on giving you all more room to roam.
H: Yes, we all like having pasture time.
A: And I like giving you pasture time.

Laurie Green took this picture of baby Hrimmi

Grown Hrimmi at pen gate

H: You are working hard clearing out the bad stuff.
A: Yes I am.
H: And the good stuff is now more accessible. It’s just too bad that we can’t all be down there at the same time.
A: This is because I have to carry the scythe and could not do this with more than one horse.
H: Why don’t you make multiple trips?
A: Because right now I don’t have the time. I’m getting Raudi ready for the CTR and I am doing agility with the rest of you.
H: We all appreciate your spending so much time with us.
A: You know, you are the most polite horse that I have ever met.
H: My dam Signy, she raised me to be this way. She said that if I was polite and minded my manners that people would be more likely to treat me kindly.
A: And have you found this to be so?
H: Absolutely. Sometimes Pete gets distracted and he pulls too hard on my reins and makes the circles too tight when I am on the leadline. But he is a good guy and he likes riding me.
A: You know, he had some pretty big losses, so you have some very big shoes to fill.
H: Yes, I know this. But I am hoping that I get to remain barefoot.

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