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June 2, 2018: Maintaining Momentum

Today was the nicest day thus far this year, maybe in the last ten years. It is what those of us who live in this usual cold and inhospitable climate dream of – a sunny day, blue sky, temps in the 60s, and just enough wind to keep things cool.

I saw this day coming and I said to myself that there was no way in hell that I was going to spend it inside. I had inside things to do, but I knew that they are going to have to wait. There is always tomorrow. Then you die and there is no tomorrow. And so, if there is no tomorrow there are no regrets; in fact, there may be elation because you did what you wanted to do.

So, I was sitting on my morning perch, eating my breakfast, looking out at the cloudless sky and I says to Pete, I says, if we are to go for a ride, we should go soon before all the riff raff gets out. Last night the riff raff was roaring around the hood on their ATVs, and so I figured that they’d resume doing what they were doing last night, today. The question was when.

Anyhow, my thinking was that we should get out early. So this is what we did. I rode Raudi and Pete rode Hrimmi – our destination was our neighbor Keith’s place – we store our freezable items in a freezer in his basement.

Trail to Grizzly Camp

We ended up going the back way, what we call the Four Corners route because Hrimmi’s feet seemed tender for the newly graded road. The trails, although rutted, are now dried out. It was a wonderful ride, not too hot, not too cold, just right. On the return trip we saw a woman and perhaps her daughter – lord almighty, they were hiking. We talked about the sorry state of the trail situation and then moved on.

Once we got home, I went out for a second ride with Raudi. Pete and I had done six miles – I did three more, going to Grizzly Camp. Raudi was a little pokey on the way out, but nicely forward on the way home. She is now my number one riding horse – much like Tinni used to be in his prime.

I got home, and then Pete suggested that we hike up to the bench. We do not go anywhere, it seems, without an animal. We took Ryder and Tyra and Tinni. It was yet another great outing – we did not see a soul. I am not sure that I’d know what a soul is if I saw one, but I am certain that none were in our neck of the woods.

The question now, is the weather going to be like this tomorrow .If so, more things will be postponed.

I am right now attempting to keep my momentum. If I sit down I won’t get anything else done today. But I must, for there are a few hours of daylight left.

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