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June 1, 2018: Making Trail-related connections

This is now the hardest time of year for getting any sustained work done, mainly because there is a lot to do and more that can be done. The sun is shining brightly – and it’s cool out. Perfect riding weather. Also perfect weather for getting stuff done around the place.

I am, right now, making some huge trail-related connections. The ant trail, this I decided is a sign that I must heed. First of all, there is the book. In a bit I am going to the Alaska State Fairgrounds and walking the existent red, green, purple, and yellow trails with Pam Meekin. Trails – this is going to be the narrative glue holding this book together.

Many of our trails are being trashed by wheelers

Pete printed up a copy of my manuscript yesterday, and soon, I am going to start to integrate trails-related information.

I started to, but was unable to finish the book I picked up in San Francisco, On Trails: An Exploration by Robert Moore. He defines path and trails – this is going to be most useful.

And, too, there is the horse/movement science related connection. The more I read and think about it, the more I see my horses’ health being related to movement. For instance, horses that move have stronger, more healthy hooves. And horses that move have energy. Right now, Raudi lacks both. She’s also not happy being in her current quarters. All four of our horses live in a dry lot, a medium sized paddock. They do not move around as do horses in the wild. They should be moving more. This situation is not going to change. We have put too much time and energy into this place to pack up and move. And we have plans to do more.

So, a few years back we fenced in an area down the road, an area full of weeds and some grass. I tried a few times to clear it out, but it was too big a project. I had considered putting in fenced in trails but didn’t have the time. And didn’t see where I was going to get the time to work on it.

I get things done by coming up with a temporal plan of sorts – I set aside certain chunks of time for getting things done. I finally decided that I will work on this in the evenings, the time when I usually take Tyra for a walk. I will take a horse or two down the road with me, and put in the fencing. I did this last night – Pete is my supervisor. I am having him tell me what to do, and I’m doing it.

Of course, I am tempted right now to jump into this project with both feet and do nothing else. But I must stick with my allotted scheduled time, and do this then.

When it all seems overwhelming, I think of the ants, tirelessly, walking in double lines, along the hose trail.

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