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May 29, 2018: A Conversation with Raudi

The following conversation with Raudi took place at the conclusion of today’s ride. We went 8 miles, it was a rigorous ride, up the Grizzly Camp Hill, up the bench hill, and up Pat and Ray’s trail.

Alys: Raudi, you look tired.
Raudi: I am, I am, I am so tired.
A: But we didn’t go that far today.
R: But I worked hard, climbing those hills. What gives?
A: My Butterball, I am working at getting you in shape.
R: This is, as you say, reverse logic. I’m the one carrying you.
A: I often run while you pace and trot.
R: Just a few miles and on the flat road. You hardly walked at all today.

Alys and Raudi in arena

A: Not true! I walked most of the way with you going around the loop.
R: But you rode me all the way up the bench trail. And the ground was all chewed up and the trails were rutted.
A: Yes I did ride you up there. But I knew you could do this.
R: And I knew you could walk it.
A: Look at you! You are starting to look fit.
R: A lot of good this is doing me. There is not a stallion of any breed in sight.
A: I would only allow you to be bred to an Icelandic.
R: That fine. Bring him on.
A: But now you are out of season again.
R: Start preparing for the next cycle.
A: Raudi, it is not possible for us to breed you at this time. We don’t have enough space for four, much less five horses.
R: Get rid of Tyra.
A: You are heartless.
R: No, you are heartless. I want a baby and you won’t let me have one.
A: The other day, when we were over at Cath’s. You pitched a fit passing her horses. And you raised a fuss when you were tied to the trailer. I talked with her about breeding you, remember what she said?
R: Yes. She said that if I had a baby I’d pass on my willful disposition.
A: Those weren’t the exact words, but the sentiment is correct.
R: You know, neither you nor anyone else sees my attributes.
A: Not so. You are the most trail savvy horse on the face of this planet.
R: And I’m fearless.
A: And you are easy to get on and off of.
R: And I am so good looking.
A: Yes, these are all wonderful attributes. And of course I am fully aware of them. I am also aware of the fact that while on the trail you constantly dive for grass. You are food obsessed. And if I were to take you for a woods walk and let you go, you’d run home.
R: If I had a baby you could then focus your attention on Tyra, who you seem to think is superior to me.
A: Not so.
R: Well then, let me have a baby.
A: Raudi, we need to focus now on getting you in shape for the upcoming Competitive Trail Ride. This year we are going to kick butt, right?
R: There are no guarantees.
A: Well then, for now we are just going to work on our both getting into good condition.
R: I’m out of hay.
A: Your wish is always my command. I will go and get you some.
R: (Stomping her foot) I want it and I want it now.
A: Yes ‘m.
R: Don’t yes ‘m me. Just do as you are told.
A: Yes ‘m.

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