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May 25, 2018: A Conversation with Tyra: Whatcha Thinking?

The following conversation took place with Tyra, tonight, as we hiked our trails.
Tyra Whatcha thinking?
Alys: Why do you ask?
T: Curious. Very curious.
A: How do you know that I’m thinking about something?
T: By the way you are walking – slightly hunched over. Your steps are large. And your face indicates that you are very preoccupied.
A: Okay. I’m thinking about the fact that I am extremely hungry.
T: Why are you hungry? You have access to food every day, all day.
A: This is true.
T: Us horses, we are dependent upon you humans for food and supplements.
A: Not wild horses.
T: That’s true. Wild horses are foragers.
A: They have very rough lives. Sometimes they go for days without eating.
T: I can’t imagine that.
A: Tyra, if you were suddenly free, you would be in the same predicament.
T: I think it would be good to be semi-feral, that is used to that kind of thing. Feast or feminine, famine or feast, dietary changes would be most welcome.
A: You’d take government handouts?

Alys, Jenna, and Rainbow

T: You’re darn right. And I’d distribute them to my needy friends.
A: That’s awfully nice of you.
T: My being nice is considered to be one of my greatest attributes.
A: So last weekend, when we had the BCHA meeting here, you said to everyone that all you wanted in life was access to green grass.
T: You have a very good memory. That is what I said.
A: Did you mean it?
T: Yes. I live to eat and eat to live.
A: Is there anything else you enjoy doing?
T: I enjoy the woods walks.
A: Even tonight?
T: Oh yes, even tonight. On the way home I saw my first ever porcupine. He was huge.
A: That was Mikey.
T: Mikey?
A: Yes Mikey. He’s been around for years.
T: How do you know it was Mikey?
A: Big, brown, quills pointing straight up.
T: Was Mikey the one who nailed your dog Rainbow?
A: Yes.
T: And I take it that Rainbow never went after him again.
A: That’s right.
T: What a good, good dog.
A: And very smart.
T: But not very loyal.
A: No, not very loyal.
T: And there was that other dog, Jenna.
A: Yes, and she was not the brightest dog in the pack.
T: But she was kind and gentle. For a horse that goes a long way.
A: I miss all the truly great animals that have frequented Squalor Holler over the years.
T: Yes, there are now departed horses, goats, chickens. Even though they are gone, we miss them. I take it you are being the spokesperson for your group.
A: I are.
T: What kind of language is that?
A: Just a common phrase that I will pass on to the others.
T: What others?
A: Your educated guess is as good as mine.
T: Let’s save the education questions for another time.
A: Good idea.

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