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May 20, 2018: Gimme

I don’t know why it is, neurologically, that we humans always want more. But we do. Even the most rich still have something they want. Well, animals, i.e. dogs and horse, live in anticipation of something, be it food or going for an outing. I would not say hope of something, no it is more immediate, hence the term anticipation.

Me, I want. My list isn’t long but it is indicative of the fact that I have unfulfilled desires. First of all, I want more pasturage for my horses. I am going to finish putting in the fencing down the road, but it isn’t fully what I want – about two acres fenced, already cleared, but with leafy shade trees.


The more I learn about movement science, the more I see the importance of moving, both for horses and for people. I have been taking Tyra out in the evenings and letting her run on Siggi’s Loop. If I had pasturage, she would be able to run as she’s doing now, all the time.

I would also like additional tack for my horses, say a saddle of her own for Tyra. Also, a few more bridles.

I’d like for our trail system to be off limits to ATV users, and a crew of individuals to come in and do restoration work.

And I’d like to have an additional friend to ride with. I have to say additional because I do have Pete. But it would be nice to have another person to ride with because I spend far more time riding than Pete has time for. This friend would eschew natural horsemanship and the use of round pens and rope halters. And they would enjoy making the horse/human body awareness connection.

And oh, I still would like to find a job teaching creative nonfiction writing. And also, to get the Forks book published.

I am not sure that any of this will come to be. I used to think that if I envisioned it, it would happen. Now I am not so sure. Yes, we humans make decisions, and these decisions often enable us to get what we want. But not all the time.

Maybe I should go to town, and at the Palmer Four Corners, wear a sandwich board sign that reads “need pasturage for my horses.” Or better yet, I could take one of the horses with me, and have this horse wear the sign. This actually might work.

I do have so much, this I cannot deny. I have (for example) my health, which many people do not. I am slowly getting in better shape, as is Raudi – this is so very cool, the fat old lady and the flat old pony are now running/trotting together. I have been recording Raudi’s heart rate and our mileage – I am now going to include my heart rate in the chart.

And I have a roof over my head and live in relatively quiet neighborhood, adjacent to trails. I could live in town, in an apartment complex, doing vapes and drinking beer and fighting with the old man who has many woman. I guess it’s good to sometimes think of the more undesirable things that I don’t have.

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