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May 18, 2018: I’ll tell you where the time goes

Time is like money, the more you have the more you fritter it away. If you have little of either, you fritter neither. Oh, that is so poetic.

I’m excited about the connections that I’m now making. The Care and Rehabilitation of the Hoof Book – I was having a hard time staying awake in reading about the development of the skin layers in the hoof in the foal but jerked awake when I came to the chapter on neurosensory input. It was like being in graduate school and coming across what I then called a pay dirt article – I am most interested in making the body/mind connection in humans and horses – but in order to do this, I must know some about how the nervous system works. The author does a good job of explaining this.


And then I got to thinking about the horse and human feet and how, sensory wise, they are similar. I am soon (I decided) going to put weights on Raudi’s feet prior to having her stand on the mat. And I am going to put the same weights on my feet and walk around.

Later in the day, another connection was made. I went to VCRS and met with Carole Henry – and this was serendipitous – she’d ordered a box for me with a book that has foot exercises – and balls. I can now do horse and human exercises simultaneously.

Today Pete and I went for a ride – we explored a trail that we hadn’t ridden in some time. It parallels Ridge Runner circle along Buffalo Mine Road. I remember riding this trail in the past – before I was nervous because the ground was uneven. Not so today – this is because Raudi and I are becoming more adept at bushwacking, or what my friend Ruth calls toolie busting.

So there we were, toolie busting. I used to just sing to myself, but lately have been singing more while riding with Pete. He can’t be said to enjoy my serenades because (I am told) I am tone deaf. I think I sound really good, but judging from his response, from the back, tight shoulders, I most likely do not.

I was singing this song today, real loud, the lines “the vintage has been trampled where the grapes of wrath are stored,” then stopped to think about it. This is if you think about it, a brilliant line. It simply means that all that is bad has been wiped out, and in a very spirited fashion. There goes the entire crop, mowed down by the powers that should be.

The rest of the hour-and-a-half ride was quite good – we rode to Moose Creek, and checked it out – Raudi was wanting to go across and Hrimmi was giving the matter some thought, but we had to get home.

Tonight I took Tyra for a woods walk and let her run free. Now, finally, she is owning her own movement. Never thought I’d see what I saw – her bucking and leaping and running about with considerable abandon. I am one happy horse owner. And, lastly, I didn’t realize it but we got a first place ribbon in horse agility in March. (Pete forgot to send in the April videos.)

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