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May 17, 2018: Where does the Time go?

My days generally start in a mindful fashion, and then it is all downhill from there. Like today, I had a new schedule figured out. First, I’d write, second I’d read, and third, I’d do body awareness work, all in hour-long increments. This was reversing that I’d been doing, reading first, writing second, and body awareness work third. Yesterday I didn’t get to the writing.

I held true to what I set out to do today, and it worked well. Then I went outside after a lunch break, near the top of the list was clip Stormy’s back and apply betadine and aloe vera. This because her skin is extremely scurfy. This has occurred (I think) because it’s been so wet out. Raudi has a similar patch on her shoulder,

Raudi eating some brush

and Hrimmi has a similar patch on her back.

I had to wait around because I needed Pete’s assistance. It is usually this way when dealing with animal concerns. Tending to them is not his favorite thing to do – he is most happy doing what he was doing today, which was building a new door for the greenhouse. The old one blew to pieces in the wind. Yes, building a new door IS an urgent matter, but so is taking care animals. And even if taking care of them is just important, it seems to me that this should take precedence over building projects.

Pete did finally assist me and we made quick work of taking care of Stormy’s condition. He then resumed working on his door and I set to cleaning the upper quadrant, I first cleaned the inside and outside of the goat pen, then cleaned the inside of the chicken pen, and then raked up the debris and loose hay in the yard. After, I cleaned the porch area.

Pete went to Northern Fruits and came home with strawberries plants, current bushes, and Siberian honey berries bushes.

By this time, I was not feeling very mindful mainly because I did not foresee having to do all this. But it did get done. It was 5 p.m. when, finally, I got down to the horse paddock and cleaned up there. And it was 6:00 p.m. when, finally, I got Raudi out. It crossed my mind that perhaps she would be the way she was the day before, and refuse to trot. She did start slow, even with me running with her. This is usual. But after our mile run, I got on her and asked for her to trot. She did just fine.

We went down to Moose Creek – it is an area with bad ju ju. No one was there because it was a weekday. Raudi and I checked out the creek – it is low, right now it would be easy to cross, but we took a new trail on this side of the creek, one that goes clear to Palmer. We didn’t get that far because we came to a landslide that came to the creek’s edge. I wasn’t one for crossing it alone.

On the return trip, back to the main area, we were greeted by the sounds of gun shots. Yep. This is where the riff raff goes to fire off their guns. We made it back to the main trail, and then trotted most of the way home. We were out two hours and went seven miles. If I can get her in shape and her heart rate down, we will be golden when it comes time to do the CTR.

I concluded the day by taking Ryder and Tyra for a walk around the loop. Walking dog and horse, bad combination when tired.

So what got done today got done – and I’d say in a mindful fashion. I just didn’t do what I expected to do today.

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